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How white wine could unleash a monster within us!

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By Bunmi Sofola

What better way to have a good time at a party than with a glass of well-chilled sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio or chardonnay? Unfortunately, after a couple of glasses of white wine, we can start acting a little crazy. According to medical expert, Dr. Rosalind Haire: “White wine often unleashes a monster within us, and we lose all control, and a number of my patients have told me the same thing.

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“They alleged that after a few glasses, they start behaving completely out of character. One of them told of how she’d accosted a police officer and asked to hold his truncheon after too much lady petrol aka pinot grigio. Another admitted that she’s given up drinking white wine because it makes her aggressive. Other told tales of how they’d morphed into emotional wrecks-crying at sad songs and confessing their undying love to ex-boyfriends.

“This beast isn’t released when they drink beer, red wine or spirits. It’s only white wine that makes them wild. The first problem is that a cold white wine is all too quaffing on a hot day, so it’s easy to get drunk quickly. On top of this, if you’re drinking something like prosecco, the carbon dioxide bubbles that make it fizzy causes the alcohol to enter the bloodstream faster than other alcohol beverages. What’s more, as they often taste so sweet, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the high alcohol content of pinot or sauvignon. You may think that you’ve drunk about the same amount as your lager-guzzling partner, but white wine if far more potent than beer.

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So if you’re matching him drink for drink, you’re going to get far more boozed. When you think about the percentages, white wine is about 10-14 per cent, which is double to triple that of beer. It is sweeter and easier to drink so people get very drunk, very quickly on white wines. But that’s not all. Interestingly, if you’ve turned into a grigio gremlin in the past, you’re more likely to become one in the future.

Continues Dr. Haire:”Memories of having a bad experience when drinking a certain alcohol may influence how you are the next time. So if you were a white wine monster, you can potentially be one again. But is there something in white wine specifically that makes us go loco? Dr. Haire says no. She puts the white wine monster down to the fact that we’re drinking too much of a drink that’s very alcoholic. She says:”I am not convinced there’s enough scientific evidence that white wine causes people to bring out their inner monster more than any other type of alcohol….”

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Worried that your inner white wine monster will be set free at your next party? Then remember to pace yourself, and stick to these three tips: For every glass of wine you quaff, have a glass of water. Eat a decent meal before you head out and switch your usual tipple for a low alcohol or alcohol-free white wine.


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