Glory be to God that has kept us alive.  May we always have reasons to appreciate and give thanks to Him.

Given the security situation around the world, even if one does not have any personal challenge, it is important to commit one’s path to God for his guidance and his direction.

One of the ways of communicating with God is prayer.   When we pray, we expect that He will respond to our request.  Anyone who does not believe that prayers are answered has no business praying.

As Christians, we pray, because we have faith that our prayers will be answered.  However, many of us fail to realize that God will answer at His own time. In other words, we cannot rush God.

We need to ask ourselves, what does your prayer consist of?

Do you always  complain?    As a Christian, the way to appreciate God is first to give him thanks for what He has done.  There cannot be too much of thanksgiving.  A person, who wakes up healthy, may not appreciate God enough.   If such a person should receive the news of someone who didn’t wake up or woke up with a stroke, then he or she will appreciate God the more.

The General Overseer of The  Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye describes prayer as a “ two way fellowship ”.  In other words, you talk to God and He talks to you.  You ask and he gives you.

Pastor Samson Ajetunmobi  founder of   Redemption Faith Church  often says, “  Nothing encourages a man like answers to prayers.  When a man prays and he receives answers, he likes to pray again”.

This is very true of all human beings.

God can end Nigeria’s security challenges — Otuaro

God  has given us  an assurance that he will answer our prayers.  Our authority is found in Psalm 50 vs.14& 15 “ Offer unto God thanksgiving: and pay thy vows  unto the most High: And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify me”.

This passage emphasizes thanksgiving.  A  Yoruba adage says, when a child is grateful for what you did for his yesterday, there is a possibility of that child receiving more from the giver.

That should also be  our attitude in our relationship with God. The more we give thanks, the more we are blessed.

Many people are not just worried about what they see right now but also the future.  Those who are employed, bother so much about how to meet financial obligations  .  This is genuine concern but  they often forget that there are millions out there, looking for  a job or capital to translate dreams to reality.

Others are worried about health challenges.  Many parents are disturbed about the future of their children who are not doing well academically.

Some are married but lonely.  In other words,  love that united the couple initially has flown out of the window possibly due to the attitude of one of the partners or both or even family pressure.

Many women are worried that   that their marriages have either not produced any biological children or  have been blessed with only a child but desire to have more and every attempt to have another child has been fruitless.

There are also singles that  are  over due for marriage.  A lady who has graduated for over 10 years and still remains unmarried, has cause to be worried.

For others, it is indebtedness. Business has taken a downward plunge and all efforts to revive have been unsuccessful.

There are so many issues that confront a man in life but God is able to take care of them all.

Jeremiah 32 vs. 27 confirms this. “  Behold, I am the God of all flesh: Is there anything  too hard for me?  The level of your faith determines your answer.  If your answer is yes, then you are on the way to your breakthrough.

While praying, we need to be steadfast.   The dictionary, simply defines steadfast as “ marked by firm determination or resolution; unshakeable”.

Only a true believer can be unshakable and determined.

No wonder Hebrew 4 vs. 16 tells us “ Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need”.

When we obtain the mercy of the Lord, we are sure to overcome.

Our Lord Jesus  as recorded in John 11 vs.40 said to Martha, the sister of Lazarus who  reminded him that  Lazarus who had died for four days stinketh .  Jesus  saith unto her, Said I  not unto thee,  that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?

Mary and Martha indeed saw the glory of the Lord when their brother, Lazarus was raised from the grave .

Brethren, I don’t know what you are going through but I admonish you to lift  up yourself in faith and you will see the glory of the Lord.

May I share with you  the testimony  of a couple whose wife went for a scan .  She was pregnant.  The doctor told  her to call her husband and they were both told that the baby that was being expected  would have no legs.   The scan result showed that the baby had not grown legs.  No parent would  be happy with such a report.

The couple ran to their pastor for prayers.  Joining their faith with the Pastor’s, they began to pray ceaselessly.   She went for another scan after about two weeks and nothing had changed.  They,  however, did not stop praying. In other words, they remained  steadfast.  They were unwavering.

It doesn’t matter how tired we feel, it is important that we  pray before going to bed.

One night, the husband had a dream in which he saw, his Pastor holding one leg of the baby and the doctor operating on the other leg.

The dream was related to their Pastor and they continued to pray.

Soon, the expected date of delivery came and the baby was born with his two legs.  Even the doctor exclaimed , this is a testimony.

Brethren, do you still have   any doubt that God can turn things around in your favour.   Perish such thoughts now.   Believe God and remain steadfast in prayer. .

What if the parents had been querying the Lord on why he should give them such a child?  Do you think,  things would have changed?   Most unlikely.  Rather, they shut their physical and spiritual eyes from the challenge and focused on the solution.

That should be the attitude of a true Christian.

This is the reason for the word of God in Matthew 7 vs. 7&8 “ Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:  For everyone  that asketh  receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth;  and to him that knocketh it shall be opened”.

As you knock on the door of the Lord with your prayers, He will surely open unto you and things will turn in your favour in the name of Jesus.

Do not be perturbed. God is able .  God that parted the Red Sea for the children of Israel to pass through is still the same God  you are serving today.

No wonder He is called he unchangeable changer.

Believe Him. God will change your situation from the bottom to the top before this year ends in Jesus name.

Do have a blessed week.


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