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May 19, 2019

Dealing With Stress

Dealing With Stress

By Janet Adetu

It is so unfortunate when we here of how stress levels can take such negative turns. How to deal with stress and depression are questions asked on a daily basis necessary for each and every one of us. It is also key to identify the signs personally and with those around us. It is a state of mind that requires speaking to someone about professionally and socially. Times currently are challenging, expectations are high, competition is real and life simply waits for no one. How to accommodate these tough times, be more optimistic, forward thinking and assertive is was is necessary to forge forward. It is very easy to become stressed and burnt out, whether from too much work or too much procrastination. It could also be the environment, the pressure of society, disappointments, failures, anxiety, fear and a whole lot more. Managing this condition which could pose as a major health scare is a must for us all.

During my corporate trainings, I hear participants express the stress they experience on the job and being stuck in the catch 24 situations with no way out. It is again at times like this that company’s must manage their resources to curtail heavy overhead costs so of course many people find themselves doing the job of two at time more. Chances are you will be experiencing the burnt out syndrome. Somehow for many people being overworked is inevitable because it is a case of the survival of the fittest, but all to the detriment of good health. Sadly, we see it everyday people experiencing all sorts of ailments like cancer, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and cardiovascular occurrences at young ages and the age keeps dropping too.

Dirty old men with a bit of get-up-and-go!

Being burnt out does not necessarily mean having so much workload, it could also be your mismanagement of time and your unconscious levels of procrastination.

So what could you be doing that is making you feel burnt out?

Signs of Being Burnt Out

  1. Are you working when you should be resting we are all victims trying to meet up with deadline

ii.Are you taking on more than you can chew  reading what you do not need

iii.Seeking picture perfection your best is still not good enough

iv.Neglecting yourself – physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically

  1. Doing anything and everything Multi-tasking
  2. Reinventing the already detailed Will

Signs of Being Stressed

  1. Are you constantly tired and fatigued but keep working anyway?
  2. Are you breaking out in spots and pimples they come out from the blues

iii. Is sleep becoming a challenge not enough hours

  1. Have you lost your appetite?
  2. Does your workload look never ending?
  3. Has your normal daily routine faltered in many ways

Life waits for no one they say and you should try to live your best life each day. If you are feeling symptoms of being burnt out the immediate action is to recognize it and act on it never leave for another day.

Strategic Remedies for Being Burnt

  1. Rest Rest Rest you can never get enough of it just find the time by force
  2. Delegate No man is an island share where you can be a team player it is the end the result that matters.

iii. Don’t turn your bedroom into a boardroom leave work at work you are already brain fatigued

  1. No a powerful word not used when it should be, have genuine reasons and use when you have to
  2. Your Physical Fitness are you taking care of it regularly not once in a blue moon? Do regular exercise even if it is only walking around you vicicnity?
  3. Your Wellbeing Fitness try to consume healthy foods more often as your wellbeing is key. Stay healthy, wealthy and wise.

vii. Working with priority manage your time well and do that which is scheduled for the day don’t waste time on trivials

viii.Worklife balance have found yours. Take a moment a re-strategize your personal goals

In a day and or week 60% or more time is spent working for the busy one. How do you spend your weekends?

Do you play /party hard still adding to being burnt out?

Maybe it is time to watch your lifestyle.

Take the burnt Out Test

Kindly answer Sometimes, Always or Not always

  1. I have plenty of quality time with the people who matter to me
  2. I rarely talk about work related matters at home
  3. I am rarely overwhelmed or over committed
  4. I have never felt burnt out or exhausted
  5. I always have  manageable to do list and I am on top of my assignment
  6. Most of my days are generally free for me to schedule the things I need to do
  7. I always make time for exercise and do so several times a week
  8. My family have never been upset with me about how much time I spend working. My work-life balance is good
  9. Life is good and I feel fully in control
  10. I am conscientious about going on leave and always take my annual leave allocation on the days that I want

Please send your results to [email protected]

I will personal respond with your score.

This test is important why not try it out and see if your life is out of balance.