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It’s the Easter Holidays

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By Janet Adetu

Wishing you all a happy Easter and a very relaxing break too!

It’s time to take a break, a well-deserved one at that. When you are overworked you long for this holiday, the thing is when it comes how well do you make use of the holiday especially a long weekend. The Easter weekend is easily one long weekend that many times is quite welcoming. The surprising thing though is that just as the holiday begins before you know it’s over, you then start to wonder what you really did with your time and finally realize that all the things you planned to do are all still pending. It does not matter how busy you are you will need to make time out of no time to reassess your position at least a quick self -audit or business audit too. Time never seems to be enough for anything, it is all about how well you use it. What are those things that have the tendency to waste our time.

I have put my thoughts together and come up with some findings:


There is always so much to do and so little time to do it. There is that tendency to postpone that activity to a more convenient time where there is the belief that a longer time will be available to succeed in it. The real issues is when that time comes you find yourself shifting the goal post to yet again another time. This can go on from one week to five years and still mission unaccomplished. The holiday period can create that atmosphere where from the start it appears that there is so much time but in reality there is no time. You ma mean to do things, plan a time but allow other things to get in the way or probably take precedence thereby never getting anything done eventually, This is easily a serious time waster sometimes difficult to tackle. The holidays always appears to be the window to set aside for pending important action plans but the same holiday may be the stubbling block just because we desire more things once the holiday is on. One visitor during the holiday time can erase any plans you may have set aside. You may decide to shift the day and time still within the holiday time frame another but once again the holiday packs in so much or too little that events begin to overtake themselves. Personally I feel better when I am under pressure to get it done that’s when I will get it done you must take it seriously.

Over Relaxing

It is a public holiday I guess and yes you are supposed to be relaxing, totally allowed. You may decide to laze about the house, do online shopping, watch a movie or many, be on your phone either on a very long social call or catching up with your  numerous media messages,  before you know it is time for lunch, then dinner and the day is gone. Without planning your day the time will surely fly by superfast. It is also fine to take a day or too just for relaxing and the remaining day or too for something more productive, but this still needs a good sense of time management. Too much relaxing will waste your valuable time and day leaving you quite unaccomplished and miserable.

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Over Sleeping

Sleeping is essential, though too much sleeping is worrying too. This is easily a time waster if you know things are pending. Even while on a short destination holiday spend some productive time being adventurous learning new things. A holiday for sleeping alone will leave you quite clueless of your environs, you may just miss out on happenings around you.

Party Hopping

Socials are best during the holidays for networking, mingling, keeping up with friends and family. The time spent at these parties is the concern, even when you have all the time in the world. Spending five to eight hours at one event will mean that you are that close to the celebrant. Timing your stay especially if you have others to attend the same space of time is necessary. There are occasions you may need to change outfits also on the same day to fit into the choice colour coding of the day, this will eat into you and consume so much energy if you must attend.

No Planning

Taking each day as it comes is a simple way of de stressing, however what is the goal? What are your tasks for this short period both socially and formally. This does not require too much serious structure but a simple plan. It may involve a brief meeting that would have taken place had it not been a public declared holiday, make it short and sharp. In planning remember to spend time with family. Spending the entire period with work colleagues or clients shows the lack of regards for others in your life. Avoid wasting holiday time on business time.

Social Media

Yes social media a sure time waster when abused and overused. This simply implies being glued to your phone, Ipad, laptop for several hours on end with no reserve to stop and take a break.As much as it is a valuable tool it can impede progress in other areas. Structuring your social media time will help you be more resourceful and useful for other things. Avoid being addicted to social media that clearly stops you from being inclusive in other things. The downside is the impact on anti-socialism and the fact that it takes away from your image and total professional presence, Be very mindful and objective in your actions.

Holiday IDEAS:

  1. Spa Time Health Treatment
  2. Read a Book
  3. Write a Blog
  4. Complete an Online Course
  5. Try a New recipe
  6. Visit Friends
  7. Through a Small Get Together
  8. Explore new Places
  9. Short Travel Trip
  10. Appreciate Loved Ones

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