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Kitchen Craze

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By Janet Adetu

What would you say is your favourite room in your home? Could it be your living room where you watch your favourite movies or where you lie down reading your favourite book? What about the bedroom where you finally get to lay your head to rest and have a good night sleep? Could it be the place where your creativity comes out the most, that being your kitchen?

Do you treat your home like a home a place of love, peace, serenity and freedom?

Many people see home as a place to sleep, wake up and get ready for the next day. It is not necessarily a place they look forward to coming home to but for the fact that it is a roof over their head. Your home is just the way you make it. For a woman you should have a place in your home or a specific room that you enjoy being in regardless of all the stress you go through day in day out.

Looking at the kitchen in your home, it is true that not everyone enjoys cooking but everyone appears to enjoy eating food. The art of cooking is the ability to “cook up a storm” as they say, make finger licking delicious meals for your family. This may not be every day but on selected days or preferably over the weekend. Your family deserves that occasional treat and your kitchen should provide the ambience to achieve that.

My kitchen is one of my favourite rooms at home where when I do have the time, I love to experiment with simple but sumptuous dishes. I usually have free access to my kitchen when all my domestic staff are off on Sundays. I use this opportunity to take stock of the state of affairs of my kitchen. Sometimes the kitchen can look a little crazy if care is not taken and you are not in control.

Is your kitchen set for you to create mouth-watering dishes?

How organised is your kitchen?

Are you experiencing the kitchen craze?

What makes your kitchen crazy?

Food Cupboards

You do not need a large kitchen to produce great dishes, however, how well organised your kitchen is speaks to the kind of personality you have and your person. A crazy kitchen has food stored in cupboards in a haphazard way. This means there is no order in the arrangement of the items whether they are perishable or not. Maybe because you have an idea where everything is the war going on in your kitchen is for your consumption only. It is a bundle of confusion when you do not arrange your food items accordingly in the kitchen. It is a good procedure to keep your staples like rice, beans, garri and others should be kept together.

Quick cooking foods like pasta can also be stored in a reliable place. All other condiments also need to be stored in a place where they are easily accessible. This makes cooking easier and more fun, you will feel orderly and in control of your kitchen. If you need to make a guest a cup of tea then all beverages alike should be kept together. This way you can readily tell when items need replenishing.

Frozen Food Storage

Depending on the capacity of your freezer and your willingness to store food in the freezer once again like any other storage place keeps likeable and similar frozen items together. Be careful not to keep food items in the freezer or fridge for too long and take stock of your purchase date.  It is important to consume such cooked food within a week or two for health and safety reasons.


Well somehow you walk into some kitchens and you wonder what’s going on with the cooker. Does the cooker not deserve to be kept clean toon? Why wait till later when you can clean it now? The longer oil and grease stay on the cooker the harder it becomes to remove grease and grime. It is important to clean down the cooker immediately and definitely before attempting to cook any new meal. Avoid any form of bacteria or health safety risks, pots, pan and the cooker need attention immediately.

Kitchen Sink

Stepping into a kitchen where you see  the kitchen filled with a pile of very dirty dishes, this is the beginning of true kitchen craze                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This in itself can be seen as an eye sore of any kitchen, it takes literally seconds to wash dishes but can take hours if unduly piled up. A dirty sink creates the illusion of kitchen craze as it speaks, uncleanliness, complacency, laziness, poor hygiene and lots more. I personally dislike a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes. I would rather have a large plastic bowl or dish washer to keep dirty plates and ensure the sink is kept clean and empty at all times.

What is going on with your kitchen sink?

Do you or your domestic staff have a habit of piling up the sink to deal with later?

Cooking and Food prep

My neighbour has a cook that enjoys cooking but simply does not know how to keep his surroundings clean while cooking. Once you step into the kitchen you simply have to take a step back and ask what is going on. Food peelings and bits and pieces, plates, pots and so much is going on that you wonder for the safety of the food he is cooking. No doubt he is able to produce great dishes but the kitchen always looks absolutely crazy. My friend spends more time screaming for cleanliness and teaching him how to keep his environment clean that it is driving her upside down.

I must ask should this not come naturally to us all.

How crazy does your kitchen look?

Are you on top of the state of affairs of your kitchen?

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