By Emeka Obasi

Vice President Oluyemi Oluyeke Osinbanjo is indeed, a lucky man. May I join family and friends in thanking God for keeping our Pastor, Professor and lawyer alive, to preach the enduring mercies of our creator.


Nigerians have lost top government officials in air crashes so it was good news that Prof. Osinbajo came out of this one with no physical injuries. I am pretty sure that he bears no internal wounds either.

Mr. Vice President must continue to shout Alleluia until he steps out of political power which should be the prayer point of all those who love him. The Lord could be speaking to the Pastor of Lagos Province 48 [Olive Tree Provincial Headquarters] of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

On May 26, 1980, Minister of State, External Affairs, Dr. Abubakar Usman died in an air crash around Escravos Bay while leading a Nigerian delegation to Sao Tome and Principe.

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Official accounts said 17 others died with him including Brigadier Umaru Mohammed, Military Governor of North-Western State[Sokoto] between 1975 and 1977.

In January 1996, a presidential jet carrying Ibrahim Abacha, son of General Sani Abacha, went down killing all on board , many of them were his friends. On June 20, same year, Kano State Military Administrator, Col. Mohammed Wase, died in another crash.

May 4, 2002 was another sad day as Sports minister, Ishaya Mark Aku, who had survived auto crash in Mali and Benin respectively died in an EAS airliner in Kano. About 150 lives were lost.

What a coincidence that Osinbajo’s chopper went down in Kogi. Dr. Abdullahi was from Ankpa in the same state and the major stakeholder of EAS Airline, Captain Idris Wada, later became governor of Kogi State.

And just like the Vice President’s miraculous escape, in 2006, the governor of Kogi State, Ibrahim Idris, saw God’s wonderful works when his three daughters survived an ADC mishap which claimed several lives.

Osinbajo knows a lot of History having won the Elias prize for Best Performance in History at Igbobi College, Lagos in 1973.

His grandfather in-law, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, was also a lawyer and politician. Awo campaigned in the North in a chopper as far back as the First Republic. Ikenne is their ancestral home.

Awo was not a priest and was described as the ‘Best President Nigeria never had.’ Osinbajo may be dreaming to be the best president Nigeria ever had. We all dream big.

I also know History and I would want the Vice President to find his way out of Nigerian politics as we know it today. Someone once said, even Angels from heaven should stay away from the soap box.

Some men of God who went into politics did not come out with beautiful stories. From the United States of America to Haiti, down to Zimbabwe in our own Africa, events were muddled.

James Garfield was the twentieth President of the US. He was a teacher and lawyer as well, just like Osinbajo. He is hardly remembered as an American leader because he spent just 200 days in office. He died as a result of gunshot injuries.

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Bishop Abel Muzorewa was Prime Minister of Zimbabwe at a time another clergyman, Rev. Ndabaningi Sithole,   also played a huge role in the struggle for independence. Not many remember him as a hero.

The first President of Zimbabwe, Cannan Banana [1980-1987] was a Methodist pastor. He was born in March [5] like Osinbajo [March 8]. Jesus performed a miracle in Canaan, Galilee. This Canaan ended up in jail. Jesus turned water into wine. Banana turned man into woman.

Haitians are majorly Nigerians as a result of the obnoxious trade across the Atlantic. Many of their ancestors probably were sold through the Long Juju of Arochukwu. Ekpe is recognized in Port au Prince and beyond.

That country’s first democratically elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, was a Roman Catholic priest. He won presidential elections more than once yet he ended up in exile, from Bangui to Pretoria.

As a nine –year-old  school boy in January 1966, I believe the Vice president remembers the name, Archbishop Makarios, the First President of Cyprus [1960-1977].

Makarios was in Nigeria at the time of the first coup. After the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Lagos, he flew to Enugu to visit Premier of the Eastern Region, Dr. Michael Okpara.

It was partly because of that trip that the coup failed in the East. The plotters found it unwise to arrest Okpara in order not to harm his visitor. Subsequently, the coup was tagged an Igbo coup even when the mission of the young majors was to release Awolowo from jail and crown him Prime Minister.

We take it that the first time a leading cleric and Head of government came around, there was this strange coincidence of a military take over. And that was a good thing for Osinbajo’s grand father in-law who was eventually released.

Men of God are used and dumped .In Nicaragua, the Catholic Church supported the Sandinistas as they fought to topple Anastasio Somoza Debayle. A Spanish priest, Gasper Garcia Laviana, died fighting with the revolutionaries.

In 1970, Cardinal Miguel Obando y Bravo, Archbishop of Managua, turned down Somoza’s  Mercedes Benz gift. Later, brothers Ernesto and Fernando Cardenal, both priests, served as ministers in the Sandinista government.

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With mission accomplished and power grabbed, the Sandinistas went after the Catholic church. Those who preached Liberation Theology could not help the church upon which they bought over the masses.

President Muhammadu Buhari chose his birthday, December 17, 2014 to announce Osinbajo as his running mate. They worked together and drove Dr. Goodluck Jonathan from Aso Villa.

As military ruler in 1984, Buhari’s Vice, Tunde Idiagbon, was trusted and the face of the regime. Many thought Osinbajo would enjoy the same honour. The Vice President knows the truth through just two appointments .This government has diminished our Vice president. God just wants him to go back to the Vineyard.


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