..Seek audience to demonstrate device to President Buhari
…We just want the world changed through our effort

Soni Daniel, Northern Region Editor

When the two men stormed into Vanguard’s Northern Operations office on 7 Dambta Close in the Central Area of Abuja, that Monday morning, they did so with a sense of urgency.

•One of the quartet, William Adoyi, speaking with Vanguard in Abuja on the invention.

“We have come here with a message of hope and we mean well, “Williams Adoyi, who led the team and introduced himself as the Divisional Head, Product Innovation and Promotion, said, as he settled down on a sofa. “We have come to tell the world what we have invented so that it will go down in history that this facility was conceived, developed and produced by a team of young Nigerians, driven by their unbridled love and patriotism, not goaded by money or any form of pecuniary interest whatsoever.”

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The young man is in his early 30s. He spoke with glee.

At first, I wanted to dismiss them as some of the hacks parading themselves around offices and homes looking for who to hoodwink. But when they introduced themselves as graduates of electronic, chemical and electrical engineering with two of them armed with PhD in their chosen fields of studies, I decided to give them a little more attention.

In the next hour, the young man took me through an amazing story of how they were imbued with the vision to develop a revolutionary technology that has the capacity to detect and deter crimes, ranging from insurgency, kidnapping, illegal oil bunkering, pipeline vandalism, corruption and theft of any kind.

Although Adoyi came to announce the discovery to Vanguard with one another, he made it clear that he was representing three other Nigerian engineers, whose work and ingenuity led to the invention they feel can dramatically and significantly alter the way people think, confront and control crime and graft globally.

And to ward off any doubt, Adoyi unveiled the identities of the other three, who worked with him to invent the revolutionary technology, which they dub ‘Watching Eyes Security System’. He believes it will bring to an end the myriad of challenges facing Nigeria and other countries willing to deploy the system.

Adoyi said the system was concertedly discovered by Emmanuel David, who has a PhD in Electrical/Electronics, Ojodomo Ateh, who is armed with a PhD in Electrical Electronic and Computer Engineering, Ojima-Ojo Attah, who possesses an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering and himself, a BSc holder in Chemical Engineering.   While Engineer David hails from Oyo State, the three others-Ateh, Attah and Adoyi- are natives of Kogi State, who had their education in Nigerian universities before venturing out.

Although they have registered the technology under Sa’nec Nigeria Limited, the inventors have refused to disclose the full details of their invention, praying to have the opportunity to first demonstrate their ingenuity to the President of Nigeria, whom they believe would unfailingly fall in love with their product and gladly adopt it to tackle insurgency and graft in the country.

Adoyi would also not explain in details how the system works but said that the invention is a security system that has the capacity to link all the countries of the world under one security watch with its many eyes combing every spot on the planet at the same time through the use of what they call ‘Global Monitoring Eye Lenses’, which is the main component of the invention.

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“It gathers information from around the world, stores it in an information storage called ‘Universal Storage’ and transmits it through specialised devices, which can be likened to the Global System for Mobile Telecommunication and other mobile standards around the world,” the inventor explained.

The invention, which the quartet believe is adequate to bail Nigeria out of its security and corruption crisis, is a product of their research and development, which they put to test in 2010 and became convinced that they had a good product to change the world and launch them into limelight without thinking of any pecuniary benefit from their discovery.

“In 2010, we spearheaded a security system after many years of research, but its operation was fully developed in 2013 and we upgraded it in 2016. A security system we call Watching Eyes Security System, is one that combines surveillance, attack and defence capability. We did not manufacture   any single part of it but we made it wholly by putting together things that are already in existence around the world and a security system that its mode of operation is like that of the GSM and other mobile standards around the world. It is capable of effectively combating corruption, crimes and lawlessness.

“With all humility, we wish to say with boldness that it is the first of its kind in the world today,” the young men said.

Although the invention is yet to be seen, touched and authenticated, not many have taken the inventors seriously because even where they are located at the moment does not show that they have what it takes to dramatically alter the world through any technology or invention borne out of artificial intelligence that the Western world does not possess. Many believe that if there is any invention that can check insecurity, graft and associated problems, then that should be spearheaded from perhaps the Silicon Valley and other western capitals of the world and not from a non-descript location in Nasarawa State, Northeast of Nigeria, where the four men operate from. In fact, the address of the investors reads: Compound 8, Chief Palace Street, Tudun Wada, Karu Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, Nigeria; an indication that the young inventors are not well funded to be able to acquire state-of-the art office in high brow Lagos or Abuja to showcase their ingenuity.

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But the disadvantage in location notwithstanding, the young men have taken steps to be heard, seen and attended to by the authorities in Nigeria and to be able to make history as inventors, who would likely change the way things work in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, if they ever scale through the numerous layers of hurdles staring them on the face.

Although they were ignored by the previous administration of President Goodluck Jonathan after writing to Anyim Pius Anyim, who was the then Secretary to the Government of the Federation, for an audience to present their invention to the then president, the young men have not given up on the government of Nigeria, which they believe has the magic wand to launch them into global limelight once the Buhari government gives them audience to demonstrate the workability of their invention.

For that reason, the four men have vowed to explore avenues to reach out to President Muhammadu Buhari, which they believe, as a father of the nation, would certainly be excited about their invention and take necessary steps to witness the applicability of the new facility.

Buhari is among the numerous top Nigerians that Sanec Nigeria Limited has sent its letter introducing the new product to and asked for an opportunity to demonstrate how it works to the number one citizen.

They also wrote to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, the Service Chiefs, the National Security Adviser, the Inspector General of Police, the Minister of Defence and his Interior counterpart as well as the Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps.

Apparently thrilled by the said invention and its potentials to curb crimes and graft, the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, OSGF, on February 22, 2018, responded to the letter sent to it by the young men on February 15, 2018, directing them to channel its request to security and military agencies in Nigeria, which may be able to examine the workability of their invention and decide how best to deploy it.

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The SGF letter marked H. 165A/V/96, was signed by Tukur Yahaya on behalf of the SGF and addressed to the Divisional Head of Saanec Nigeria Limited. Similarly, the Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps in response to the proposal by Saanec to be given an avenue to demonstrate its product wrote back via letter number HQ NAIC/G3/240/15 and dated 23 December 2016, asking the young men to make presentation on the new product to the army on January 12, 2017.

“Sequel to your proposal for the introduction of a revolutionary security system to the Nigerian Army, you are please invited for a powerpoint presentation/demonstration of your proposal as follows: venue: HQ NAIC Conference Room, Abuja. Please accept the esteemed regards of the Director of Army Intelligence,” the letter signed by SA Adebayo, a Brigadier General, for the Director of Military Intelligence, said.

But beyond the letters, no serious discussion has been held between any government agency and the young men with a view to even trying the invention to know whether it will or will not serve the intended purposes. No other communication has been established with the young men apart from the letter by the SGF and the demonstration, which the NAIC asked the quartet to do about two years ago. They were not given date and they have not been able to get any date till now.

That notwithstanding, Adoyi maintains that no matter how long it takes, they will never give up on the revolutionary invention that they believe is capable of lifting them and Nigeria out of darkness into a new level and carve a niche for them.

But they are not deterred. The young engineers are hopeful that one day President Buhari will invite them to demonstrate the usefulness of the invention and that would automatically change the way the security situation in Nigeria and drastically reduce the amount being expended on security and the number of avoidable lives and property lost to insecurity and raging graft over the years.

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“All we want from Mr. President is about one hour or two to be able to do a holistic presentation on the invention and prove to the president and the whole country that God has blessed us with an invention that can stop the madness called insurgency and the hydra-headed monster called corruption in all sectors of the nation’s life,” Adoyi boasted.

Asked why they need to demonstrate the product before the president, Adoyi said that it was imperative for Buhari to witness what they have since he is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and the product they have invented deals primarily with checking insecurity and other crimes.


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