Social Etiquette

January 27, 2019

Step up your grooming



By Janet Adetu

Grooming an essential part of our daily routine but only too often is it overlooked. Living in the new 21st high tech, fast paced global world today just shows us how life is like a flying bullet. It appears like so much is going on for everyone, with so little time to get all things done when desired. We are constantly in a race with time.

The average individual jumps out of bed having slept inadequately all in a bid to accomplish the day’s tasks, challenges and surprises. Very little time is paid on the fine details of how they look before leaving home. The important thing for many is to wear professional looking clothing that make them feel acceptable to society. The fine detail that they failed to pay attention to is the very thing that sabotages their entire image impression.

What am I really trying to say here is just as earlier said by Astrid Alauda “Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one”.
Grooming is that essential part of preparing your appearance through cleansing, self – hygiene, personal care and dressing along with a host of others actions. You cannot appear neat or clean without that special attention to your grooming graces. Over and above the colour of your outfit, the style and the quality all starts with your ability to groom well. If you think about it deeper good grooming will always guard you against germs, infections, bacteria and viruses.

For a moment just picture walking into a interview room where a panel of three interviewees are watching you’re every move. What do you think they will watch out for first?
If you choose to wear that suit that clearly is too tight but happens to be your best. Your hair is unkept, you look a little flustered and sweaty because you were running late. Unfortunately you did not apply any fragrance that morning and if a lady you also had no make-up on. To start with you have set yourself up for a position that undermines your confidence and possibly your self – esteem. It will be written all over your face without you saying a single thing.

In the same light just picture an important client is coming to meet you for an important meeting. The onus is on you to create an impression that is positive. Your client will assess you as to whether you are likable, trustworthy and credible. This will impact the beginning of a good rapport. In a nutshell since we have a few ideas of what grooming entails let me break it down a bit more.
For clarity let me start by running through a good grooming checklist.
i. Check to ensure you have no body odour, you should feel fresh, clean and pleasant
ii. Your skin should be treated for blemishes, spots, pimples and blackheads.
iii. Your hair remain clean, current in style and age appropriate
iv. Immediately pay attention to visible facial hair.
v. Your smile means everything, your teeth should be clean, white and attractive if you can help it. Don’t forget to watch out for breath odour which can be offensive and unpleasant.
vi. If you are wearing makeup let it be properly applied, appropriate for the time of the day and the occasion.
vii. Your nails bitten and short take away from your image. Let them stay clean, well – trimmed and manicured. When wearing nail polish double check for cracked and chipped nails. Sometimes neutral with gloss is better and safer.
viii. Your clothes once worn should fit, be comfortable, clean, and well ironed. Pay attention to lost buttons, broken zips and loose hemlines.
ix. Your shoes create the fabulous feet you desire. Clean shoes are essential they speak to who you are. Shoe care is an important part of your grooming routine.
x. It is an image saboteur to allow underwear to be visible. Check bra straps, panty lines and undervests for transparency.
xi. Your fragrance should speak to your tastes. Do not wear a fragrance that is overpowering indicating overuse or overwhelming indicating it is too little underuse.
xii. If you wear recommended glasses it is all about the state of the lenses. Keep them clean and polished always. Do not manage broken glasses have them repaired and replaced as soon as possible.

STEP 1: Personal Hygiene:
Use good bath soap, bath gel, bathfoam, antiperspirant
STEP 2: Teeth Care & Breath Control
Brush teeth daily, avoid very hard brushes, floss regularly
STEP 3: Facial Routine:
Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize add the occasional exfoliation and masking routine too. Treat all black heads and acne signs.
STEP 4: Healthy Hair: Include regularly washing, steaming, treating and styling.
Remove unwanted hair to look well groomed.
STEP 5: Nurtured Nails:
Maintain a regular manicure and pedicure routine. Watch the length of your nails and apply top coat or colour where required.
STEP 6: Makeup Makeover
If this area poses a little challenge walk into a makeup shop for a free tester. Ask questions as they apply makeup to your face while testing products. Ask for tips on a simple quick makeup fix in the mornings. For professional knowledge register for a makeup course.
Step 7: Fresh Fragrance:
The fragrance you use in the afternoon is affected by the heat of the environment and by the general body heat that you give off. Choose a fragrance that makes you feel comfortable and durable. Apply to pulse areas to bring out the true scent. Keep all fragrances in a cool place.
Develop a good grooming routine for yourself. Choose products that you are happy with and make them your personal identity. Add a spice of variety once in a while and try new smells and products.

Good grooming graces make a happier you!