Dr. Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, the immediate past APC National woman Leader is a woman of many parts. She is the President of African Political Parties. A Princess from Lokoja and a Philanthropist.

Tijjani Aliyu

A strong believer in women empowerment and child growth, she has successfully initiated many programmes towards eradication of child mortality, promotion of child education, empowerment of women both in the cities and rural areas, promotion of women in political arena.

Her uppermost interest now is the successful re-election for President Mohammadu Buhari in order for good governance, free of corruption and corrupt mind to continue in a country ready to change for better.

In a no hold barred interview, she spoke with the Press on the forthcoming Presidential election.

Can you share with us your experience from the 2018 National Convention of the APC in which you contested for a second term as the National Woman Leader but couldn’t make it?

Glory be to Almighty Allah. It was a worthwhile experience. I have since put the negatives behind me and decided to focus on the positives. In spite of the challenges, the party came out of it alive and we are getting stronger by the day. It doesn’t have to be about me. You win some, you lose some/. I play politics with maturity. No bitterness and that is how life should be.

Many say you lost out in your bid to return as the Women Leader of your party because you are not in the first lady’s camp. How do you react to this?

There will always be theories for those who do not believe in the power of destiny. I have also heard other theories to the effect that I lost because my Governor was against my return. So how many theories will one react to?

At the end of the day, my firm belief in the will of the Almighty allows me to be at peace with myself and by extension my party. Her Excellency the First Lady, His Excellency The Executive Governor of my state, as well as my humble self remain fully committed to the same goal of ensuring the success of President Muhammadu Buhari, especially with the elections around the corner. The concern now is how to put in more efforts for our President to re-emerge in the forthcoming election so that he can continue with the good works. And I have been mobilizing people, not just women before now and we are still going round to strategise.

With the next cycle of elections around the corner, what is your assessment of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration in the last 3 and a half years?

Very high. When you look at security, economy and anti-corruption which form the tripod upon which we ran a successful campaign in 2015 then you will see why I rate PMB’s government highly. Nobody is saying we are 100%, far from that.

But success is not merely a function of how high you have gone, but also of how low you are coming from. This administration has pulled us out of recession, doused the insecurity in the country, confronted corruption in high and low places, and has frontally embarked on a massive infrastructural rejuvenation across the country. We can do more, but already we have so much to be proud of

Do you think the APC candidate and incumbent President Buhari stands a better chance ahead of the opposition PDP’s Alhaji Atiku Abubakar?

Absolutely. With everything PMB has achieved in the past 3 and half years with even meager resources, a lot of Nigerians can see beyond the propaganda of the PDP. How would they return to power without disparaging the President. But we are not distracted by their desperation.

PDP and its candidate have nothing to offer Nigeria beyond a return to the dark alleys of corruption and insecurity. Nigeria has moved on for good.

As the immediate past National woman Leader of the ruling APC, are you satisfied with the inclusion of women in the present administration?

To some extent yes. I get this question a lot and my answer is generally not too dissimilar on each occasion. We can hardly ever have enough women in government to be honest. Under this APC administration we have women occupying key positions in the cabinet as well as other parastatals.

Of course we’ll keep asking for more, but I am proud of the effort of the current government thus far. At least , I can boldly say more women are coming out with boldness , they are ready to serve , eager to make an impact into the society. That is how we roll.

Considering the serious opposition mounted by the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, and the Presidential Candidate of PDP, don’t you think the 2015 scene will replay in 2019?

How do you mean?

The set circumstances which led to the ouster of a sitting government in 2015 are markedly different from what is obtainable today under this government. In 2015, Nigeria was for all intent and purpose in a limbo. Key indices like security, economy and infrastructure were all looking bleak. Nigerians had to come together to effect a change of government.

Today most of these indices are looking better and things can only get better from here. So Nigerians have no need to go back to our “collective National vomit”.

We are moving forward and thanks to President Muhammadu Buhari, a role model and a father figure to corrupt free minds.

Do you see APC winning Kogi State despite the reported failure of Governor Yahaya Bello ‘allegedly’ in the area of salary payment especially?

Well, for starters we need to clarify that the general elections in Kogi would not include the governorship elections and therefore the President can be judged by Kogites on his own merit; which we generally agree is stellar.

Kogites stand a chance to continue to benefit from the numerous interventions and programs of the APC led government like the N-power, Tradermoni, school feeding, and bailout funds. So I urge all Kogites to rally behind APC in the overriding interest of our beloved state.

Is there anything you would want to tell Nigerians generally as they go into the 2019 general elections?

Once again, I would like to thank Nigerians for their patience and commitment to the APC led government of President Muhammad Buhari. I assure you all that if re-elected, this government will step up its effort to revamp our ailing infrastructure and all also make life much better for all Nigerians irrespective of tribe or religion.

I am encouraging Nigerians to go for their PVC and those already have to keep it safe in order to vote en-masse for a man of integrity in person of President Buhari and his running mate, Prof/ Yemi Osinbajo.

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