A scholar and Biblical counselor has said that in 2019, decades of classified secrets will be unveiled like never before and that various rogues that were empowered to deal with Nigerians will be exposed.

Daniel Enyeribe PhD in a statement on Wednesday foretold that the nefarious activities done by herdsmen and others brought men in highplaces down and caused sudden change in Nigeria’s governance.


Enyeribe in his 2019 prophecy listed what will give birth to the new Nigeria which include

1. In a dramatic dream revelation I saw the thief that has been committing heinous crimes, he was armed. Others with him that looked like roadside rascals and rogues were all armed with expensive weapons. The thief and his men are the enemies of the Nigerian state and people, make no mistake. As I was watching in the revelation, the thief was getting ready for an operation, in the process he was caught in the act. There will be a major exposure of deep state working to undermine Nigeria in 2019.

2. Dark forces from certain west and North African countries were unleashed on the nation, Nigeria was left to bleed to death. What does it take to secure Nigeria’s borders? Why are we allowing marauding evil forces into Nigeria? Their victims are more than eyes have seen. God’s judgment is decreed against evil leaders for continuous blood shed.

3. Danger is coming, but deliverance is coming also; the set time to rescue Nigeria has come. Make no mistakes, Nigeria will be rescued, no one is taking Nigeria anywhere. Those who dug the pits will fall into them! You have been warned! Do not dare the Lord or you will die! In various dreams warning of what is coming I saw:
– Soldiers everywhere – what is happening? Selective detainment? It looked like Ethnic profiling.
– What one checkpoint misses another catches. A dangerous network is in operation. What is going on?
– The security of the people was breached! Young men were missing everywhere. People were dying.
– Great danger, death and destruction is coming and now here. But take heart deliverance is coming also!
– God showed me there was a dangerous plan for all out conquest of Nigerians. But, God is opposing the plan.

4. Suddenly I saw white forces coming unanounced to the rescue of a bleeding nation, they were like angels. These swift men with their cameras ready exposed the carnage in high and low places. They were caught in the devilish acts. The dark acts of men in power who unleashed the herdsmen against the people shall be exposed. The white forces were strategic and effective as if they laid armbush for the rogue dark forces. The dark forces were brutal and merciless yet the white forces overcame them for the morality of their cause. Christians must interpret these revelations and be prayerful.

5. Nigeria’s old enmity was defeated without hands. Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Pray for Amnesty International, ICC, and others for these international watchdogs will save lives.

6. There shall be deliverance. There is a new and bright future for Nigeria.
– It’s going to be tough, but there will be victory. I see a new Nigeria beyond 2019.. almost unbelievable!
– The rising of the Igbo is inevitable and good for Nigeria. I see Igbo come to power again and a new era heralded.
– Nepotism, ethnicism, tribalism were axed, but success came only through restructuring..
– I saw a new constitution, it was an old constitution made new.
– Everyone was happy and rejoicing for the true change. Igbo is coming to power at last supported and accepted by all.
– Finally the East were also pacified.
– I saw women and youth rejoicing that their prayers have been answered. Peace and prosperity once again are reigning in Nigeria.

Nigeria shall defeat the gross darkness and the nation will be returned to constitutional democracy. Never again should a few privileged people release terror and abuse power to the detriment of their own people. This is the future I am seeing.

Courtesy of the Enyeribe Prophetic Reports.


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