The Management of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos read with reservation a publication not Vanguard in which students of the College of Medicine were alleged to have lamented that the toilets and bathrooms in the hostels are in deplorable condition and that the accommodation fees they pay  were not commensurate with the living standard in the hostels.


It was also reported that the students decried the proposed N11,000 electricity fee which is a fallout of the migration from Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN to the power generation through the Independent Power Project, IPP.

The Management of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos wishes to clear the air on some of the issues which were misrepresented and untrue. We have made tremendous effort to look for assistance in our rejuvenation campaign to renovate our ageing infrastructure despite the  dwindling  finances of the College. You will recall that during our Golden Jubilee Celebration in 2012, we reached out to all and sundry to assist us to renovate our hostels and our various alumni sets have come to our rescue. All our toilets and kitchenettes, with the exception of Block 2, had been renovated.

An alumni set has also taken up the responsibility of renovating the Block 2 toilets and as we speak, the contractor is waiting to be mobilised to commence the renovation.

To date, our alumni have spent over two hundred million Naira (N200,000,000) to renovate all the toilets in the hostels except for Block 2 that will be renovated soon. We want to use this medium to appreciate publicly our alumni in Nigeria and in the diaspora for their support to their alma mater. It will really be unfair to the alumni sets that have given back to their alma mater, to generalise that all the toilets and kitchenettes in the hostels are in deplorable state.

The Management of the College frowns at the statements that featured in the publication claiming that there are bed bugs in the rooms because the school does not  fumigate the    hostels regularly. This is far from the truth.

The Management of the College  has  been fumigating  the hostels  regularly. In  fact,  we have been  having running  battles with the students every year because  majority  of them refused to leave the hostel and allow us to  fumigate. However, despite their resistance, we have always been fumigating the hostel regularly. We even changed their mattresses last year after we fumigated the hostels.

We state here categorically that as a Federal University, the University of Lagos only requests our students to pay service charges on the Hostel Facilities. They pay the  sum  of thirty-three thousand five hundred  Naira (N33,500)  only as service charges for a session. Presently, all our students still  pay  the same amount.




In a bid to have 24 hours power supply, the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos went into partnership with the Management of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and brought on stream the Independent Power Project (IPP) to improve the power supply on our campus. The two institutions involved have migrated to the IPP and the cost of paying for the power supply has become unbearable.

The College Management at this point convened a meeting with the  Parents to re-appraise the state of infrastructure and learning environment and at that  meeting,  it was agreed that the sum of N11,000.00 (Eleven thousand naira only) shall be paid by students that are given accommodation per session to cover the new cost of electricity in the hostels.    The parents also agreed to partner with the College in any way to make their children’s environment more conducive for learning.

The Management of the College  has  always dialogued with the Student Union Bodies over critical issues and have sought for understanding. As  such, the student union body was informed and a meeting was also convened with the students and it was agreed at that meeting that the sum of eleven thousand  Naira  (N11,000) should be charged as electricity charges.

We implore the Press to check all our facilities and give an objective opinion in their reporting. We  advise  the Press to kindly  clarify  issues before publishing as this will make their reporting objective and not misleading.

The Management of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos is committed to providing our  students a conducive environment that will positively impact their learning.




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