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Mbaka vs Peter Obi: God laughs from His throne, Catholic priest reacts

I was angry after watching Fr Mbaka’s video until a priest friend of mine sent this in another whatsapp platform, this consoled me, and I hope it will console all who felt disappointed with Fr Mbaka’s utterances. Read:

Mbaka Peter Obi
Peter Obi and Father Mbaka

‘Brothers, I didn’t have the courage to finish the video…it was so disgusting and pitiable.. my only consolation was that Governor Obi didn’t bulge to Mbaka’s antics. It should serve as a lesson to us priests especially those regarded as “powerful Priests”. We must be more careful and tactful especially when our fame is on the upsurge otherwise we throw caution to the winds and make utterances that cast question marks on our so called gift and prophecy.

Mbaka humiliated himself before the public just because he couldn’t penetrate Obi’s pocket. He even uttered words like “stinginess”. “I will make a prophecy in anger”, simply because Obi tried to be the man he has always been. He forgot that Obi doesn’t donate or even invest where he doesn’t see the need.

Mbaka lost manners and decorum all in a bid to make money to build his private ministry. You need to watch other clips. He was even carrying kola to present to Victor Umeh. Imagine what he said to Buhari’s representatives led by Kano state Governor. He said, “we have been used and dumped” …”This ministry has not benefited from Buharis administration”…”This project can be taken as a federal government project and it will cost them nothing”… The list is inexhaustible.

Today, I feel so ashamed for the first time in my life being a Priest all because a senior brother whom many adore belittled himself and made a fun of the ministry of Jesus Christ to which we are called.

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I keep asking myself, has he(Mbaka) forgotten the meaning of “alter Christus” that now the prediction of a prophecy is dependent on how fat you donate to his project? I wish we priests should apply caution in our many doings and undoings especially when our numerous fans are singing our praises.

I console myself today on the words of Christ to Peter, “and the gates of hell, shall never prevail” Mtt. 17:18). No matter how we priests try to destroy the Church of Christ, we will never succeed because He said further, “I am with you to the end of time, (Mtt.28:20).

For those who felt ashamed for this ridicule of our Catholic faith and belief, be consoled on the words of Christ of Mal.3:6, “For I am the Lord, I do not change”. Therefore brothers, No matter how often we fail you, God will never fail you, for He alone is enough. Look unto Him and unto no man, we are mere instruments and an instrument can become faulty…Today, the instrument of God through Mbaka in all sense of it became faulty…but God himself is never faulty and I believe that when that utterance was going on, the words of God in Ps.2:4 “ But the one who rules in heaven laughs, the Lord laughs at them” was on the other hand being fulfilled. While Mbaka ridiculed prophetic utterance, God laughs from His throne.

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Pray for us priests….’. Copied.

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