Again, we are heartbroken.  We are grief-stricken by yet another wanton killing, avoidable deaths.  The latest from Kaduna and Abuja.  We have not forgotten the pogrom in Plateau, the homicide and in Benue and the Boko Haram bloodshed around the corridors and hinterlands of States in the North-East. These are wounds that may not heal fast especially among the immediate affected families. We reel from the daily occurrence of these sad incidents. Sadly too, the figures of deaths emanating from these developments seem not to worry occupants of Aso-Rock.  Oga Femi Adeshina and his boss will like to argue that several killings have been with us from the time past.   If truly they have been with us, we had that conviction in May 2015 that this government will do everything in its power to keep these tragedies away from us.  But we have nonetheless continued to face a pandemic of killings, slaughtering and gun violence.

In truth, the mythos about these bestialities as well as the physicality of the various killings are not only unprecedented but also threatening our corporate existence. To say we have fallen short in peace and security is clearly an understatement. Violence here and there, criminals on the loose, maiming and taking lives at will.

Where have we gone wrong? What have we done to deserve this? Why do we continue this way?  And why do we prefer cutting down lives to saving them?

The immediate cause of the Kaduna crisis was still an offshoot of what was known before now. The crisis which began at Kasuwar Magani area Friday October 19 was said to have spilled to areas like Mararrabar Rido and spilled to Sabon Tasha and Tudun Wada Central Market within a short period.  It was gathered that the new dimension of the crisis, this time, was so fierce that a 24-hour curfew had to be declared by the State Government in the city. No resident or visitor in the troubled area was able to go out of his/her lodge either in pursuit of business or even health maintenance. The crisis was said to have claimed about 55 lives with scores of people injured and displaced.

Another devastating violence broke out in Karu, a densely populated suburb of Abuja between the Military and Shiites members during a procession by the sect. Within a short period, 16 to 22 people were said to have been killed by soldiers’s bullets. The Army said its personnel conveying weapons were obstructed and denied right of way by the Shiites, during which some soldiers were brutalised with stones and sharp objects.

Sadly, we have continued in this cataclysm because the government and relevant security agencies have failed in their duties to protect lives and property; they have refused to bring perpetrators to book even when they know them.  Recall that the President had said during the last Benue Masacre that some highly placed people were masterminds of the killing of innocent people, yet up till today, nothing was done to punish them and serve as deterrent to others. The nation is bleeding, the people are tired of excuses.  Let us not just mourn the dead, let us not only make scathing condemnations of tragic incidents, but let government use all its might and power to stop the carnage and bring peace to every community.


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