November 13, 2018

Seun Kuti, Ozwald Boateng, others endorse Ade Olufeko’s groundbreaking digital painting

Seun Kuti, Ozwald Boateng, others endorse Ade Olufeko’s groundbreaking digital painting


As the African elite and society ‘have-nots’ brace for fierce economic headwinds, data science as art commodities in form of paintings will be showcased in a cross continental exhibition called ‘Remember to rise’.

Announced in the 4th fiscal quarter of the city of Lagos, a collective of 10 “holistically engineered” pieces by renowned technologist, Ade Olufeko, is said to be exhibited in 2019 onward.

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This new art form comes at a pivotal time for the African economy, as foreign investors from its diaspora seek dynamic and time-tested models to scale the value of indigenous enterprises coupled with multinationals to the world stage.

Ade Olufeko, best known as Ade, an award-winning technology polymath and a former New York City-based design artist, whose multidisciplinary work spawned festivals platform; Visual Collaborative, answers the call of the industrial elite and the grassroots with a promise to deliver a simple, yet powerful blueprint of sustainable transformation.

He will be making his creative debut on the African continent through partnerships in Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Botswana, Morocco and South Africa. ‘Remember to Rise’, a new exhibition named after the peer reviewed title piece will address economic barriers to entry, pain-points and job creation, through econometrics cross-pollinated with Afrofuturism.

Olufeko has previously collaborated with Oxford University, Harvard and numerous socio-economic NGOs globally. Celebrated as a figure of West Africa’s new class of forward thinking thought leaders, the traveling exhibit as popups, talks and art previews is set to run until 2020.

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Summit with the African Club, the title art piece – ‘Remember to rise’, garnered the signatures of celebrities and high-profiled figures; Sir Ozwald Boateng, Seun Kuti, Sola David Borha, Amy Jadesimi, Didi Akinyelure, Rikki Stein, Biola Alabi, Richard Michael, Franklin Amoo, Alexander Amosu, Adebola Williams, Tara Fela-Durotoye, Mostafa Terrab, Micheal Ugwu, Kanya King MBE, Bronwyn Nielsen, Neanda Salvaterra, George Asamani, Oyinda Emelia Olufeko, Sade Michael, Soji Solanke, Jidonu Akran.