Urges qualitative educ with Islamic values

Faisal Zuglool, an Islamic scholar, an educationist, a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Economist, and the founder of Penckers International School, a British curriculum based Islamic school, in Isolo, Lagos State has said it was not the plan of Allah to have a divided ummah. Zuglool in this exclusive interview with Facing the Kaaba highlighted several benefits of remaining one indivisible Muslim community as well as providing qualitative education with core Islamic values. Excerpts.

What is the significance of hijrah celebration to Muslim children?

Hijra is the migration of our noble prophet Muhammad from Makkah to Madinah which later marked the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Legally, as Muslims, we are supposed to be using this calendar as it is the one approved by Allah in the Qur’an and not the Gregorian Calendar. The Islamic events and festivals are marked through a specific number of days which is why it is different and important to Muslims including the children. The children while celebrating and having fun are learning this simultaneously

What impact will it make to parents and school pupils?
It sensitizes them, enlightens them on the importance and need to use this calendar for our dating and calculation purposes. The Gregorian calendar should be secondary. Catch them young is a style they copied from Muslims. Lati kekere ni imale ti n ko omo e laso

By this annual celebration, would you join other advocates in the call for a public holiday on Islamic New Year?

The government should not in fairness wait for the Muslims to call for it before declaring it. It is simply a right of Muslims in this country. The Christians have two days declared for their new year celebration. One day holiday for the celebration of Islamic new year is not a preposterous demand by the Muslims. It is their right.

Many believe lots of our Muslim schools are not Islamic enough to impact the Islamic values. Do you think this is true, and how can they impact real Islamic values?

Well, the “many Muslims “ who believe as such have their definition, understanding and right to believe so. However, I believe the challenge is not having Muslim schools that can impact real Islamic values but the challenge rather is having Muslim schools that cannot really or effectively deliver qualitative education. This has been responsible for why most of our children are trapped in non Muslim schools all in the name of searching for quality education. Majority of such children end up dumping their faith for Christianity. So, those who are serious about changing the situation do not stop at providing qualitative education, they go further to impact core Islamic values in the pupils. At Penckers, our challenge is not only about providing islamic values, provision of sound and qualitative education is our guiding principle.

Cost of providing education in Nigeria is really high, including privately owned schools, what do you think can be done by Muslims to make qualitative Islamic education affordable to Muslim children?


Applying and implementing Allah’s Master-plan solves so many problems automatically for us as Muslims. The crux of this Allah’s master-plan is having a one united Muslim ummah in Nigeria and not an ummah with hundreds of different sects, groups and societies as we have today and which Allah seriously warned us against. ( Quran 6: 159. for those who divide their religion and break into sects/groups, thou hast no part in them in the least, their affairs is with Allah: He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they did. Also Quran 3: 103) . Having all Muslims under one umbrella in the mosque system guarantees ( among others) a unified collection and administration of zakat which will amount to over a trillion naira annually. With this, we can solve all our financially related problems. We can build schools of International standard and offer them to Muslims at highly reduced or no cost. Likewise other areas as health and among other areas.


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