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IN my last column, I discussed Kemi Adeosun, the disgraced former Minister of Finance who recently resigned because of the public outcry that ensued when it was discovered that her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) exemption certificate had been forged.

I didn’t object to Adeoshun’s resignation because though she claimed that she didn’t know they were faked, it is possible that she was aware of the deception; and it is obviously tidier for a government official who cannot prove her innocence to just go.

But I criticised her shrillest detractors – who are saying that she should receive further punishment because losing her job is not enough; and I expressed the view that Adeosun is a saint compared to the many government officials and associated sidekicks who have committed much worse crimes and are happy to rob us blind and inflict wanton violence on the nation during elections. I then accused Buhari of turning a blind eye to thugs of all political persuasions and of failing to save us from “bad boys who are turning this country into an evil, dangerous jungle”.

Several Vanguard readers contacted me to comment as follows:

2348056009586 Iseral Onyeoyibo

What Kemi did was forgery.  That’s a criminal offence. The proper approach is to charge her to court for forgery. The fact that she was sacked does not remove or reduce the offence as the law provides it. Though the government itself has a lot of questions to answer on the certificate of some of the occupants of many offices.  Who is going to prosecute her?

2348056009586 Anthony O Obi

The rule of law requires that she refund all monies paid to her while in that office as ab initio she was not qualified or disqualified to have held that office

2348119223323 Anonymous

Dear Donu Kogbara. I have just finished reading your sweet and sour on ‘poor Kemi ‘ today and I feel disappointed on your view that she should not be punished further since the issue has cost her what you termed to be a ‘treasured top job’ and so what? Is presenting a fake certificate for a job the right thing to do before the eyes of the laws and even our religious books?

I expected you of all people to be above this kind of myopic ideal. A spade should be called a spade. Please do not try to wake the sleeping dog. We Nigerians are very intelligent people. Forget our pretending ‘mumu ‘ attitude.

2348033888864 Eno Louis

Trash! A crime is a crime. Please retire from writing trash.

The thing that struck me about the above messages – and every single text and email I’ve received about this matter – is that not one of the respondents bothered to react to my concerns about bigger crimes and Mr President’s negligence within this context.

Unbelievable! Imagine being obsessed with relatively trivial issues and trying to kill flies with sledgehammers, while studiously ignoring the massive rampaging elephant in the room!


Yet another defection


AISHA Alhassan, the immediate past Minister of Women Affairs, has left the ruling APC and joined the United Democratic Party, UDP.

She jumped ship because she was disqualified from the APC’s governorship primary election in Taraba State, following allegations that she had engaged in anti-party activities.

And she certainly – like the regal feisty charismatic Amazon that she is – left in grand style!…with an entourage comprising seven state house of assembly members, all APC executives from 169 Taraba wards and all 16 local government excos of APC in tow.

When she had finished leading her loyal troops into their new political home, she sent out a sparse, unemotional announcement via Twitter that had an air of efficient finality: “We are now in UDP.”

I don’t know this woman personally, but I love what I see from a distance! She is so cool, calm, collected and classy.

Calling the shots. A leader of men as well as fellow females.

May she fly onwards and upwards and get everything she wants.



PRESIDENT Buhari has directed Aisha Abubakar, Minister of State for Trade and Investment, to take over Alhassan’s former Ministry.

I want to ask a few awkward questions:-

Why are Ministers of Women’s Affairs always from the North and Conservative Muslims, at least in terms of how they look?

Is it that Southern and/or Christian women generally are deemed to not need as much governmental support as Northern women?

Even if this is the case, would it not be interesting to sometimes mix things up a bit and appoint an unmarried trouser-wearing, bare-headed Lagosian to play this role and inject some cultural diversity?

Having said all of the above, why do we even need a Womens’ Affairs Ministry in the first place, in this day and age?!

Yes, many Nigerian women need to be liberated and empowered, but is a Ministry the best vehicle through which to achieve this objective?

Was there a Ministry of Womens’ Affairs in the United Kingdom when Suffragettes fought the male establishment to a standstill for the right to vote at the beginning of the 20th century?

Are there Ministries of Womens’ Affairs in any or all of the countries that have had female heads of state?

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