By Funmi Komolafe

Gradually, we are moving closer to the end of the year. As the year rolls away, in the name of Jesus, it will not roll away with our blessings.   What is expected of us at this time is not to stop praying but to begin to give thanks to the Almighty God for expected blessings.

While we pray, it is really a time to sing praises to the Lord and thank him for those incoming blessings.

Situations in life can make one to become desperate but the desperation hardly ends on a joyful note.  At the long run, it ends sorrowfully.  Many a time, those who take desperate steps never recover.

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How do I mean? For instance, a man has been working hard but hardly makes ends meet.  It doesn’t matter if he is a Christian or not.   The man has borrowed until he becomes ashamed to borrow.  Then he begins to say to himself, why don’t I try something else since I have not received answers to my prayers.

Such a man then begins to associate with those who tell him, he is wasting his time trying to be like the Lord.  Subsequently, he is introduced to drug trafficking, Internet fraud or rituals for money.  He is likely to come in contact with men involved in any of these activities   in a beer parlor where he believes he has gone to ‘drink away his sorrow’.

Brethren, which of these three steps can give him a joyful end?  None. Sooner or later, the long arm of the law will catch up with him and he will end up in jail.

Or we take the case of a married woman who says to herself, that she has been married for over 10 years without children and her mother and mother in-law keep putting pressure on her.  She then decides to date any man in trousers. She now becomes the one seducing men.

Where will she end?  It is either she ends up with incurable sexually transmitted diseases, or she get pregnant in the process and passes it to the innocent husband who thinks prayers have been answered but one day, just one day, the secret will be let out of the bag and what does she get, honour or disgrace?  Certainly disgrace.

Or is it the case of a single lady who concludes that since she hasn’t found a man all these years, she decides to have a baby for any man.

Let me give you a real example of what I am saying.   A man who has been married without a child chose to   find a young lady to give him a child.   The lady got pregnant and gave him a baby girl.  Unknown to the man, the lady engages in commercial sex.

Years later, the man travelled to America and the lady to Italy.  They never got married and the child was left with the paternal grandmother. After a while, the man decided to take his daughter to the United States to reside with him.   He made all efforts to get the mother return from Italy but she never did.

So, grandmother and the girl approached the United States embassy.  One of the requirements for relocation was a DNA test.  The results turned negative.  A secret was let out of the bag.

When contacted, the mother could not defend herself.  The man was shocked to his bones. He was angry and bitter.  What he saw as a means of escape from delay in child bearing has become a permanent source of sorrow.

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A family meeting was called. The meeting produced no solution but the grandmother insisted that she would keep the girl even as the son vowed not to have anything to do with the girl.

This is a true-life story. Brethren, we’ll see that in this battle no one won.  The man lost, the lady lost, even the innocent child who was not responsible for the circumstance of her birth is a loser.

This is the reason why at a time like this, we need to be careful.  Never say to yourself, “ I have been praying, if God won’t answer me, I will try something else”. Once you begin to think like that, Satan has started working on you.

Nothing on earth should make you as   Christian   seek an alternative to Christ because indeed there is no alternative.  If you find an alternative it is the devil with a capital D.

No wonder a respected man of God, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God,Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye wrote in Open Heavens that as Christians we need not pray defeatist prayer.

Pastor Adeboye defines it, “ A defeatist prayer is the kind of prayer made with an expectation of imminent failure, assumption of hopelessness and a resignation to fate”.

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He made it clear that “Defeatist prayers carry a belief that God cannot intervene in the situation at hand”.

This is misleading and completely false. God can intervene at any time.

Brethren, there is a clear difference between faith and fate. You are either faithful to God or you resign yourself to fate. In which case, you have given up on the intervention of God.

It is practically impossible to subject your life to faith and fate. One must tower above the other.

People may mock you now but have faith that the day you will be celebrated is around the corner.

Isaiah 59 vs. 1&2 “ Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear.  But your iniquities have separated   between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear”.

Brethren, did you get the full meaning of these verses? It simply means that anyone taking any of those desperate steps mentioned earlier, is simply taking steps away from our Saviour.

What on earth should make you, a believer; go to any herbalist for solutions.

When people put you under such pressure, ask yourself, the herbalist I am going to meet, did he create himself?  If your answer is no, you have no business going to that person. No matter who puts pressure on you?

Do you know that there are men and women of God who have childbearing challenges?  Will they stop serving God?   They usually don’t stop worshipping God, even when members of the congregation that they have prayed for bear children.

Have confidence that God is about to give you joy that will be the envy of others.

Unique miracles in most cases take longer time so that the testimony can be great.

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You don’ t believe?  Examples abound in the Bible.  Rachael was barren when Leah was having children but when God remembered her and opened her womb, she had a Joseph that every one in the family bowed to.

Or is it the case of Samuel?   While Peninnah had children, Hannah was barren.  When God chose to answer, Hannah, she had Samuel who became not just a prophet but a kingmaker.

Let me say to you, what Pastor Adeboye said to me and it became a testimony,

“Your Samuel is on the way” in the name of Jesus.

Your Samuel is that long awaited child but he could also be any expected miracle that will give you ever-lasting joy.



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