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September 9, 2018

There’s no limit to what my husband and I do in the bedroom – Nkechi Emmanuel

There’s no limit to what my husband and I do in the bedroom  – Nkechi Emmanuel

•Nkechi and Ambrose

By Ayo Onikoyi

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Emmanuel who hit stardom as ‘Nurse Titi’ in the popular TV sitcom ‘Clinic Matters’ has never hidden her love for her husband, British-born, Sierra-Leonian beau, Ambrose Amara since they tied the knots barely a year ago.

•Nkechi and Ambrose

The diva who’s still basking in the euphoria of their matrimonial bliss confessed to Potpourri in a chat that there’s no limit to what she and her husband do in the bedroom to keep the flame of their love burning.

The beautiful actress was responding to a question on whether she could make a sex tape with her husband or not in view of dangers inherent in the act as many have come to regret such action, especially when the sex tape surfaces on social media. Nurse Titi, who once declared that her husband is everything she wants in a man shrugged aside the danger, saying she would do anything with her husband.

“In my matrimonial home, I would do anything with my husband. There’s no limit to what we do in the bedroom to enjoy our marriage. So my answer is yes, I would gladly make a sex tape and it is for our eyes alone. Sex with my husband is sacred and ordained by God Almighty, hence it must always be protected and kept away from prying eyes,” she said.

“I’ve always wanted someone who would understand me and the nature of my job. Most men wouldn’t want you to continue acting after marriage, but he came and he was even more concerned about my career. He’s been supporting me and he even said he wants to write a script about me. I used to pray to God that I need a man who I wouldn’t need to explain my job to. My husband is in the industry already, so he understands everything. He is also understanding, quiet, God-fearing and puts me first in everything he does,” she once said of her husband.