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OSUN 2018: Ndigbo versus Adeoti

By Emeka Obasi

Like fish out of water, Alhaji  Moshood Olalekan Osuolale Adeoti, buried his political career at the Channels Television debate for those eyeing the Osun State Government House.

I have now seen the wisdom in Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola backing the Direct primaries adopted by the ruling All Progressives Party[APC]. In 2010,Adeoti,  was appointed Secretary to the Osun State government by Aregbe, a position he held until July 2018.

Adeoti was in  APC and thought he was going to be given direct entry to power. When his hopes crashed, the Iwo man ran away from the house he helped build and joined the Action Democratic Party[ADP].


The former SSG showed he had nothing to offer when instead of answering questions about his state’s low ranking in the Secondary School Certificate Examinations ladder, an escapist route was all he could offer by bringing the Igbo into it all.

Adeoti while trying to fault the rankings said states which topped the table did it through cheating and he was annoying enough to name his encounter with an Igbo student.

Programme moderator, Segun Okinbaloye, would have none of it and quickly dismissed such dumb inference. The audience was disappointed as much as Adeoti’s fellow contestants.

The APC candidate, Adegboyega Oyetola, who was Chief of Staff in the same Aregbesola administration while Adeoti served as SSG was more composed and cleared all doubt about being a stooge.

Coming from the private sector, the difference between experience and exuberance showed. Oyetola parried questions like Emma Okala would stop Segun Odegbami’s lethal shots in the 1970s.

Dr. Iyiola Omisore, representing the Social democratic Party[SDP], was daring and blunt. It was glaring that his years as a Deputy governor and stay in Abuja as a senator were not for show. The man, like the accountant he is, reeled out figures.

Even when the Ife chief was asked that dangerous question of who killed Uncle Bola Ige, he was composed and gave a more than political answer. The search for those outside Baba Fryo continues.

Even the African Democratic Congress[ADC] flag bearer, Fatai Akinbade, an ex-SSG, like, Adeoti, and a fellow Iwo man performed honourably. He showed the difference between  one SSG and another SSG.

Adeoti should go back to his village and ask questions. There is so much between Osun State and the Igbo. That will also punish him in the elections. It is unfortunate that he announced his ignorance to the whole world.

Nigeria’s first medical director, Dr. Grace Nzegwu, is from Osun and married an Igbo man. The Layinkas of Ijesha land gave out their daughter to another great Igbo man, Vincent Maduka. Mrs. Joanna Maduka, is our country’s first COREN registered female Engineer.

I feel for the gentleman who is running as Adeoti’s deputy. Adeolu Durotoye,  is a professor of Political Science. He also worked as a journalist with the Guardian and African Concord.

Prof. Durotoye, from Oshogbo, is an international. He has lived in Leipzig, Germany and taught in Toronto, Canada. Adeoti is local. Apart from the  four years he spent in Benin and the one year National Service in Zaria, he does not know anywhere beyond Iwo.

And I want Adeoti to ask Durotoye about Toronto. President, Ijesha Progressive Association of  Canada[IPAC], is Okey Okeke, from Enugu State. He grew up in Ilesha and the Ijesha of Osun see him not as an Igbo man. He is a brother.

The first civilian governor of the state, Senator Isiaka Adeleke, was born in Enugu to an Abia mother and an Ede father. I am sure some members of the Olode family in Iwo play Davido’s track, ’Assurance,’ where he eulogizes Chioma.

I was disappointed to learn that Adeoti was at the University of Benin, just when I was there. The Uniben of Professor Adamu Baikie, a Kano Christian, produced wonderful Nigerians who do not preach tribe or tongue.

Any student who went through Ugbowo and Ekenhuan in the years of professors Itse Sagay, Philip Igbafe, Isaac Anao and Pius Sada would not turn out so sectional. Not even the driver of one of our Marco Polo buses, a man nicknamed ‘Lucifer’ would tolerate such.

If indeed, Adeoti, was born on February 27, 1953 and served at the Ahmadu Bello University[ABU]Zaria between 1984 and 1985, he was over-age. The politician was 31, one year more than 30 years. In football, he would have been banned.

I found it funny when the ADC pilot claimed he would ensure prompt payment of salaries and pension. He tried to indict the APC government. We will not let him get away with that. He was part of that regime for eight years.

Adeoti should count himself lucky that Aregbe did not fire him. He should be reminded that as an Old Boy of Baptist High School, Iwo, he could do nothing when Alumni of the college faulted the introduction of hijab in public schools.

In June 2016,Christians in the state asked Baptist High School students to appear in class, wearing choir gowns. It was an Igbo man, Ike Maduegbuna, Director of the Department of State Services[DSS]that tried to make peace, not Adeoti.

Osun is too sophisticated for someone who does not understand national politics. If they say Oyetola is coming from the Governor General of Nigerian politics, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, it is a plus. The Jagaban understands the game. He put Ben Akabueze in the Lagos cabinet.

Omisore was in the National Assembly and mingled with senators from all parts of Nigeria. He was also deputy governor as far back as 1999.

Akinbade worked with Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola who knows all the nooks and crannies of our land from Benin to Enugu.  The Okuku man knows what ‘Ala Bekee’ means in Igbo. I once heard him say it and even add ‘obodo oyibo’ [overseas].

Ige spoke Hausa as much as he understood Latin. Aregbe is a Lagos Boy and has mixed. Adeoti is a local champion, now we know. The thousands of Ndigbo living in Osogbo, Ilesha, Ife, Ifewara, Modakeke, some of who read Oba Adekunle Aromolaran’s books will shy away from Adeoti.


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