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I can’t trust my man till he puts a ring on my finger — Lillian Patrick


It depends on the mood though, but yes I would follow my man to a strip club.What I mean by mood is maybe we’ve been to normal clubs and we just need like a change of things maybe to spice up the night.”

Lillian Patrick

These were the words of Nollywood actress, TV Presenter and Beauty Entrepreneur, Lilian Patrick, in a chat with Potpourri, explaining why she would accompany or allow her man go to a strip club.

Lilian who is passionate about arts, culture and travelling, with high hopes of touring choice places in the world someday, to savour it’s beauties, says allowing her man go to a strip club gives him no liberty to touch naked girls or receive a lap dance from any of them.

“No! We’re just going there to do some sightseeing, not body touching”, she quipped.

She added that besides her, no other woman is licensed to give her man lap dance, not even as a surprise package on his birthday.

“Well, I may not agree, because the only person to give him a lap dance should be me alone.No, I cannot give him that kind of surprise by paying a strip dancer to give him lap dance”, she retorted.

She agreed to Potpourri’s insinuation that her actions may translate to insecurity or trust issues, stressing that until her man puts a ring on her middle finger, he doesn’t deserve her 100% trust.

“Yes it translates to insecurity. Do you trust yourself?If he’s my husband of course there should be trust. But until he puts a ring on my middle finger no 100% trust for him. Putting a ring on my middle finger is like an assurance for me to trust him fully”, she said.


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