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Say the right prayer, get the right result

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By Funmi Komolafe

It’s another new week.   Let’s not forget to thank God for his mercies onr our families in the last week even as we ask him for a new beginning.

Today, brethren, I think we should reflect and ask ourselves the question, “ Am I saying the right prayer?”

Why this question?  It is because many of us have prayed and the answer is yet to come. So we wonder if indeed God still answers prayers.

I’ll share with you one or two live stories.   A man wants a job that will make him a real man.  He wants to be head of his family in real terms but each time someone is about to help him, he had a dream in which he would see a group of animals filing his way, and the leader of the animals will always get at him.  Once that happens in the dream, whoever intended to help him will disappoint.  He kept on having this dream and he kept on praying for a job.

There is also the case of woman who whenever she takes in, she has a particular dream and once   she has that dream, she will have a miscarriage but she kept praying for children.

Now, let me make the point that these two persons, the man and woman are Christians. Indeed, they are spirit sensitive Christians. Otherwise, they would not have been able to identify the cause of their problems.

However, they prayed but the dreams continued.

The man mentioned earlier, and then told a pastor friend of his, who told him, that he was not praying the right prayer.

So, he was asked to change his prayer point.  His pastor friend told him to ask for the power of the Holy Spirit.

He changed his prayer point and something happened.   The job seeker began to pray for the power of God.  When he had the dream again, he was the one who moved closer to the leading animal and a sword appeared from above and he used the sword to behead the animal.  Immediately, he did this, the animal changed to a person and he identified the person who happened to be his relation.

It was after that he got a good job.

The woman also mentioned, took in again and she could not sleep.  She called her pastor, who in turn asked God what to do. The Holy Spirit gave the pastor a Psalm and told him to go and read it to the woman repeatedly.

Her Spirit picked up the words of that Psalm, and that was the end of the dream.  She had it no more.  She gave birth to a set of triplets.

Brethren, you need to move yourself to a level where you can identify the obstacle to your progress in life. Once you are able to do that, hand over the battle to God.

Did I hear you ask how? Ist Thessalonians 5 vs. 17 provides the answer, which is “ Pray without ceasing”.

Verses 18 to 23 states, “ In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.  Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesying.  Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good.  Abstain from all appearances of evil and the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Have you asked yourself as a single lady.  “ why isn’t any man asking for my hand in marriage?’  Though many men see you and relate with you.  They even know you as a good Christian but no one asked you for marriage.

Or why is it that any relationship you get into hardly exceeds six months and the man walks away?

Sister, you need to see beyond the physical.

A popular song is “ Open my eyes O Lord, I am ready to obey”. Do you know that this simple song when you sing it before going to bed can reveal a lot to you.   It can reveal the source of your challenges and also lead to your breakthrough.

Why not ask God to make a divine connection of you and your marriage partner? Perhaps in your own case, you want to have a child after years of marriage.  Or you have been coping with a particular health challenge.  Are you a victim of endless miscarriages?

Is your heart troubled because of indebtedness?

Whatever it is, why not ask the Lord to intervene in your situation.When God intervenes, things will change in your favour.

You need to pray the right prayer to get the right result. Are you not familiar with the word of God as stated in Jeremiah 32 vs. 27, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me? If you believe that he is your creator.  You would not have been without him, why then do you think he cannot solve your problems?

Of course he can.

Are you prepared to pray without ceasing?   Are you ready to keep away from evil appearances?

You cannot be asking God to give you children and you continue to engage in extra marital affairs.  It is improper for you to ask God to settle you in your home and go about dating any body in trousers? You must be ready to live according to his word.

Don’t allow challenges to intimidate you.  Prayer without ceasing is not difficult.  You only have to find space in your heart for it.   Create time for prayer at all times.  In the church, in your home, you can go into long prayer sessions but you can also pray at work or when doing something else.  Do you know you may be praying and the person next to you may not know?  It is possible.

Brethren, it’s your duty to link up with your God in the spirit.  No pastor can do that for you.

What we find these days is that people especially of the middle class find it difficult to devout time for prayers.

Always bear in mind that every challenge has an expiry date.  It began one day and it would end   one day.

Begin to see   your day of victory over that challenge.

As a  single lady begin to see your wedding day, see yourself settle in  your own home.

As a woman waiting on the Lord for children, begin to see yourself nursing your child or children.   What you see is what you get.   With divine intervention, what you see in your spirit will manifest physically in the name of Jesus.

Hold on to Jesus and your tears of sorrow will soon become tears of joy.   You will no longer wet your pillow with tears rather when you will   shed tears of joy and people will be around you to celebrate with you.

Pray the right prayer and the Lord will visit you.

Let me end this edition by wishing all members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God a happy new year.

We thank God for the success of the 66h Convention and by the grace of God we shall be a part of the 67th Convention and many more conventions in Jesus name.


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