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Akpabio and APCidal self-combustion

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By Yinka Odumakin 
 DEDICATE this week’s headline to one of those who taught me “what they were not paid to teach ” in my days at Ife,Prof. G.G Darah .

As students leaders in Ife in the late 80s we came up with the idea to honour legal icon,Chief Gani Fawehinmi with a life membership of our union. He was also to be accorded our creation of Senior Advocate of the Masses,SAM, in derision of the Legal Practitioners Privileges Committee that would not confer the Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, on him largely on account of his anti-establishment credentials. I recall meeting Gani at his Anthony Lagos Chambers to present our offer letter to him. He was in a black suit,white shirt and a blue tie.Smiles spread across his lips as he said: “I gladly accept this and will treasure it more than any other award.”


We fixed the award ceremony for August 27th which was the anniversary of the coup that brought General Babangida to power . Security was heavy at all gates leading to the University on the day but the gadfly beat security cordon to get to the fully packed Sports Complex at Ife.

It was the lot of Prof. Darah to read Gani’s citation and he made a damn good job of it.He brought into the mix the laughable charge by the regime against Gani that he set his own house ablaze and infused a neology into our vocabulary “Ganicidal self-combustion.”

That is exactly what the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, is set to do this Thursday as it rolls out the red carpet to receive former Akwa Ibom Governor and Senate Minority Leader,Senator Godswill Akpabio into its fold which Governor Aminu Tambuwal last week dubbed a “sanctuary for the corrupt”. He failed to add “progressive” to the “corruption.”

And if the PDP can think through this they should not mourn Akpabio’s exit.They should give a befitting farewell as their priceless fees to APC to damage its artificial and palpably fake and deceptive anti-corruption brand. I have spoken to my contacts at the top echelons of both the APC and PDP and only one information  I got:Senator Akpabio is being won to the erstwhile anti-corruption APC on the alleged blackmail with corruption allegations.

Akpabio has met  Acting President, PASTOR Yemi Osinbajo in Abuja and has gone to London to meet MR. INTEGRITY himself, President Muhammadu Buhari.There will be no fall guy for this when the repercussions come cascading on this house of integrity cards.

The desperation,driving a party whose loquacious Chairman who said he is  not losing sleep was  caught in nocturnal pilgrimage to defectors,to this self-immolation reminds one  of this fake Pastor who was teaching his congregation about faith in Christ. He rolled up and down telling his congregation to call  on Jesus in all situations and he would be there for them.He said when the enemy comes they should call Jesus.That when they are faced with the deep blue sea they should call the name.That when their world is crashing they should remember the name. His theatrics suddenly saw him throwing his hand in the air and hit by the blades of the ceiling and he screamed the name of the god of thunder “Sango ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.” That was the end of his preaching career as the APC anti-corruption sermon is about to end on Thursday in Uyo!

This deception of the unwary has gone on for over three years.The Chicidodo that professes its hatred of excreta but feeds on maggot has made anti-corruption a very seductive slogan. The APC has almost succeeded in replacing our National Anthem with “corruption is fighting back,” whenever it comes under scrutiny.

At the commissioning of the new EFCC office on 14th of May 2018,the President was still singing the song and restating the willingness to fight on :

“My last time to fight corruption, corruption fought back successfully. I was removed and detained for three years. I was in detention when my mother died. I was only released when she died, but that did not deter me. In spite of that, my objective of fighting corruption remains steadfast.”

The President went on to state that: “Throughout my journey in national service and since 2015, I have made a very conscious decision to pursue a vigorous fight against corruption in public life.

“Since 2015, we have made significant progress in the fight against corruption. Everyone now knows that corrupt officials will be held to account, no matter how long it takes.

“We have recovered and are still recovering trillions of naira that were stolen in the past few years by people without conscience.”

Pastor Osinbajo who will be receiving Akpabio on Thursday while receiving UNILAG Alumni on September 19,2016 said:”We have watched corruption fighting back. Some people even said ‘bring back corruption’, but not the man in the street.”

“The corruption has been so much. Look at the sheer amount of money stolen and decisions taken that fuelled corruption, decisions taken just with the sole aim of cornering national resources,” the vice president said.

“What catches our attention is the kind of discoveries we get and hear of daily. Nigeria is still blessed with honest people. As a nation, it is important to pay serious attention to issues of integrity.”

The Leader of APC,Asiwaju Tinubu has also received Akpabio and possibly may have forgotten what he said about the PDP at a colloquium to mark his 66th birthday in March: “Nigerians should not accept PDP’s apologies, they are corrupt, they lied, they falsified, they changed figures. For 16 years, they made fake promises, gave us fake figures, and they tell us, ‘Don’t talk about it’. It is like, after catching a thief and he tells you ‘Don’t look at me, go and steal your own.”

It would be interesting to see APC Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole with his hands in his pocket rephrasing his comments on PDP elements in Buhari’s government which he made on July 10,2018:”When Nigerians complain that they have not seen the change we promised in certain areas, it is because those agencies are still being managed by PDP elements”.

“We are aware that even as at today, we still have a lot of PDP people occupying very important positions in federal agencies. We will do everything possible to purge these elements out of the system because we are a party of change. They are the conservative right-wing party. We cannot entrust to conservative forces an agenda for change. Government is not in the Villa. Villa is the head of government. Government is in the agencies – what they do, how they do it, the quality of service delivery and the style of that service delivery. That is how the ordinary man interfaces with power and if these agencies are in the hands of those who do not believe in our change agenda, then we cannot expect miracles from them. And for those who are aggrieved as to how certain things are done, those who question that they do not seem to see the difference because substantially, PDP is still managing these agencies. So, we have a duty to convince the federal executive that we have no business, this government has no business with any PDP in sensitive federal agencies and using their old tactics in service delivery. That, I believe is a task that all of us must pursue.

“I believe that we now must work consciously to ensure that in replacing, we replace sinners with believers. Believers are those who are card-carrying members of our party and before we go outside the party family, we must convince ourselves that the persons we are taking, we are taking him because we do not have that particular expertise within the family, but even so, he must first take the card and demonstrate loyalty because if you do not believe in a process, you cannot be entrusted with the management of that process. It is not because we are hungry to let our people have jobs, but because I have no confidence that PDP appointees can drive the changes that APC promised. APC promises must be kept by APC activists at managerial level, at board level and at political level. That, we must all work to achieve but while we are working on that, I will ask you to have patience because some peole give up too much early in life. If you work with conviction, that you didn’t get exactly what you expected is not a reason to look the other way. I think the most fundamental purpose that brought the APC into being was to save Nigerians from the misrule of the PDP.”

Nigeria is at the moment witnessing hypocrisy at its worst in her  history and if it is not that it is a tragedy unfolding, I would have been laughing in admixture of Fulfude and Ijebu dialects.

The APC song shall no longer be “corruption is fighting back” but “bring back corruption .”

..Who has done this to the Yoruba?

I HAVE been following developments in my state of birth-Osun,as it prepares to elect a governor and I  shudder. I have seen a governorship candidate battling with allegations of having a WASC certificate with one F9 when WAEC issues certificates to those who have at least one PASS.The same candidate presented a Testimonial that he sat for NECO at a time when that body was not in existence reminding one of a former Governor who “attended ” a modern school years before it was established. By the provisions of the  1999 Constitution which we have rejected because it is a military imposition,a tout who was able to make it through primary school and with 10years cognate experience in a motor park can be President of Nigeria. Prof Awwal Yadudu and his co-authors of the document made qualifications so ridiculous because of Abacha who wanted transmute.The only recorded school he attended was Mons officers cadet school.

That has become the national standard today. However, folks in Yorubaland continue to forge documents to measure up to the available standards in a region Awo enrolled 500,000 pupils in school in one day in 1955 but now taken over by its dregs.

These  fellows should stop this nonsense.Once you have evidence that you attended Primary School and you have 10 years cognate experience in private or public sector, that is all what the current Nigeria Constitution requires from you to be elected into office.Even if you were hawking Igbo or cocaine in those years,just know somebody in INEC to use his constitutionally power to granted discretion.

Enjoy it while it lasts ,we will raise the standard again when this land settles!


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