Vox pop: Why women cheat

By Naomi Tenebe

Deyrin: ”Infidelity on the woman’s part often comes when a woman is emotionally abandoned. Most women cheat because they feel their emotional needs are not being met by their partners. Most times cheating on the woman’s part is not a preplanned act, most of the time, they just realise how lonely and vulnerable they are once someone else starts paying attention to them.”

Sandra: ”Relationships and marriages could be anything but cheating is cheating and there is nothing that anyone can say to justify it. Lack of communication between partners is one of the leading causes of infidelity on the part of the woman. Also, poverty can trigger it when a woman resorts to having exta-marital affair in order to help meet the needs of the family.”

Mr Vitalis: ”So many things could lead a woman to cheat most especially when her partner is not paying her attention. When a woman starts to feel unappreciated, bored, unhappy, trapped and insecure, it can make her to start having extra- marital affair. There are so many reasons women cheat.  The physical presence of a partner is never enough to sustain a healthy, satisfying marriage.”

Mrs Eyitope:  ”There is no justification for cheating but some women feel they are not compatible with their partners sexually; so sexless marriages  without good communication between partners can lead to infidelity. The woman often looks outside to seek compatibility, not that she is looking for emotional support or anything from the person she is involved with but she just wants to be able to express herself sexually. Also there are women who just want to be bad and their spouses are not enough for them.”

Mrs Dora: ”Women cheat for so many reasons.

It could be that the spouse is the workaholic type and she feels lonely.

It could be that she is in an abusive relationship and in order to get out, she cheats or maybe she just wants to pay the man back for cheating on her first.”

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