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Osolo chieftaincy stool: Adewole remains Osolo of Isolo, Kingmakers insist

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By Dayo Johnson,   Regional Editor S-West

AKURE—THE dust raised by the Osolo chieftaincy tussle, in Akure, Ondo State has refused to settle as the Isolo Council consisting of its kingmakers insisted that Oba Edward Adewole is the recognised Osolo of Isolo.

Oba Edward Adewole, Osolo of lsolo

Two contestants have been laying claims to the stool.

Oba Adewole was recognised by the paramount traditional ruler of Akureland, Oba Aladetoyinbo Aladelusi, while Oba Amos Idowu insisted that all rites had been done for him before the process was upturned by the Deji of Akureland.

However, the Osolo council, in a statement made available to Vanguard in response to last week’s report said that Idowu was unknown to them as custodian to the stool.

The Isolo Council of Chief, headed by High Chief Joshua Omotayo, the Lisa (Traditional Prime Minister) in the statement entitled: ‘Installation of Osolo of Osolo, The truth said that’, the names of the contestants were presented including that of Prince Edward A. Adewole.

The Oracle identified Edward Kolawole Adewole as the right candidate for the stool of Osolo.

Chief Omotayo said: “In the tradition of Isolo people from time immemorial, when a new Osolo is to be enthroned after Ifa oracle must have spoken and other obligations diligently observed, an emissary would be sent to the Deji of Akure to inform the paramount ruler that the Isolo chiefs are bringing to his palace their Osolo-elect.

“When the Deji agrees to the date for which the chiefs and Osolo designate can visit, the Lisa of Isolo would lead the chiefs, family members of the Osolo-elect and all sons and daughters of Isolo to the Deji’s palace. Upon arrival to the palace and normal exchange of pleasantries, the Lisa of Isolo would stand and address the Deji and the people present that the Isolos have come to show the Deji their new traditional ruler that is the Osolo of Isolo.

“The Deji in his response would admonish the Isolo, to conduct themselves well during the Installation of their leader and he would give his blessing. There would be no rites whatsoever that the Deji would perform on the new Osolo.

“In the case of our new Osolo of Isolo, Edward Kolawole Adejoyegbe Adewole, the process remains unchanged. On the morning of 13th June 2018, the youth of Isolo with some relatives of the Osolo designate went to the farm to inform Prince Adewole that the time has come for him to ascend the throne of his father.

“The call-out from the farm is the first step in the installation process. Adewole followed the crowd to Isolo community and changed his farm clothes to a beautiful ‘Agbada’ befitting of royalty and commenced the next phase of the installation.

“The visit to Deji’s palace by Prince Adewole marked the beginning of the next phase of the installation activities; he did it in the company of Isolo’s Chiefs headed by High Chief Lisa Joshua Omotayo, Youth of Isolo, family members, market women, community stakeholders and well-wishers.

“The visit to Deji’s palace did not take much time because the only activity that took place was the presentation of Osolo- elect Edward  Kolawole Adewole to the Deji for his royal blessing by Chief Joshua, the Lisa of Isolo. This was done according to the ancient tradition that exists between Akure and Isolo.

“The Deji responded by advising that the chiefs of Isolo should conduct the Installation in a peaceful manner when they return to their domain and he blessed the new Osolo. For the avoidance of doubt, Oba Aladelusi O. Aladetoyinbo, Odundun II is a man with clear sense of history about traditions and customs who would never go against such because no Deji had ever performed rites of Installation on an Osolo and our present royal father in person of the Deji of Akure did not perform installation’s rites on our new Osolo.

Deji of Akure reacts

Reacting to the development and last week’s installation of the new Oba, the Deji of Akureland, Oba Aladelusi said that “the installation of Adewole as the new Osolo was “totally in order.”

His Chief Press Secretary Michael Adeyeye said that “Oba Aladelusi has the consenting authority and he had graciously given his consent.

“The entire Isolo chiefs and Akure Chiefs are solidly behind the new Osolo. You can see that the Isolo community erupted in celebration after the announcement of Prince Edward.

“This same festive and celebration mood greeted the installation ceremony. It is indeed a sign of acceptance by every section of the community and that brings unnecessary bickering to an end.”


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