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Going nude for relevance is not my thing – Debbie Shokoya

By Ayo Onikoyi

Almost anything goes on Instagram and many entertainers have found the platform just as pliable to showcase their fantasies; luscious and lofty and it is legal. So, what do you have? Sex, nudity, sex, nudity,and very little of anything else.

If this trend were to be a sickness many entertainers, especially the females, would have been at the intensive care unit. But for the on-the-rise Nollywood actress, presenter and OAP, Debbie Shokoya, the bug is something she can do without.

Debbie Shokoya
•Debbie Shokoya

In a chat with Potpourri, the actress who began her acting exploits in 2012 and has produced three movies of her own, having featured in many others, tacitly objected going nude to court relevance or visibility in the industry

“ To me, going nude to stay relevant or for visibility is a big ‘no’. Nudity doesn’t guarantee anything. What happens to the brain? Being confident has nothing to do with nudity. My confidence comes with my strength, how bold I am to drive positivity and pin things down no matter the challenge.

“And when I say self-love, it comes with how much I embrace myself despite my flaws and the negative things people will get to say about me. So, driving point home with nudity or thinking it is a tool to be visible in entertainment is a big ‘no’ for me,” she said.

Speaking about the kind of man that can win her heart, like many Nigerian girls, it is always a God-fearing man.

“Any cute, God-fearing, caring, responsible and disciplined man. A man that supports my dream, I am a woman with a vision. My man must be sound intellectually because I need a partner that will be able to guide me. I can’t be right all the time, so, he should be able to advise me on anything I bring to the table,” she quipped.

Debbie has featured in films and soaps like Aiyeloja, Judasi, Tales of Eve, So Wrong, so Wright, Freezing point.


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