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Arena of Evil

By Chioma Gabriel

An owl farted and asked his kinsmen to sing his praise but they said no, you don’t praise a man over his evil deeds. An elder who comes to the arena of evil and keeps silent is part of the evil.

An elder does not stay at home and watch a goat strangled in its tethers.

Who would believe the level of the bloodbath in the land? It is happening everywhere if it is not herdsmen; it is unknown gunmen, a strange explosion or a strange fire.

Nigeria is besieged by all manner of evil. You do not beat up a child and stop him from crying. How could anybody stop enraged protesters from venting their spleen over the incident in Plateau?

The incident in Plateau was the worst. But the governor chose to think about his second term in office and would not want to jeopardize his chances. So, it worried him that his enraged subjects who scaled the fence of the government house in protest against the killings would not listen to the voice of reason.

It worried him that the conveners of the protest allowed it to be hijacked by hoodlums who took advantage of the procession led by these organizations to destroy government properties and vehicles running into millions of naira.

He was pained that the attack on the seat of government was a serious affront on the authority of the State which should not be taken lightly because of the obvious unpatriotic self-serving interest of a few who have chosen to make a mockery of the grief of the victims of the attack Plateau.

He was not pained by the pain of the people. He was not pained by the mountain of dead bodies that littered the community after the attack of the herdsmen.

Perhaps, he was also not worried about the loss of innocent lives in his state by the herdsmen but he was quick to perceive the protesters as disgruntled citizens with the intention to throw the State into anarchy and chaos under the guise of mourning.

What a pity.

The killings in Plateau State have been turned to an opportunity to play irresponsible politics, to apportion blames and score cheap political points. Everything counts but the lives that were wasted; the lives that were used in retaliation for cows that were hustled didn’t appear to count.

Nigeria has become a country where people are attacked and killed anyhow: in their sleep, on their farms, and on the roads almost on a daily basis.

Although the security agencies are everywhere, it is becoming obvious that perhaps, the structure needs rejigging.  Their modes of operation and response to the attacks have become worrisome and capable of causing massive apathy and loss of confidence on the part of citizens.

When General TY Danjuma called for self-defense, it shocked many Nigerians but DY Danjuma is not a man that talks anyhow.

The way things are, Danjuma’s call for self-defense may eventually become the only option considering the situation where people were left at the mercy of killer herdsmen who had the time and space to maim, kill, and destroy to their satisfaction.

The killings have never been herders and farmers clashes as often tagged but deliberate attempts to conquer and occupy the land of the people’s ancestral heritage.

We should put things in their proper perspective in order to tackle them headlong.

Nigeria should stop apportioning blames to others for failure in leadership.

Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who was killed seven years ago has been blamed for the ongoing killings across the north central.

Our dear president had said Gaddafi reportedly armed his supporters to ward off the rebellion against him. He believes the guns the  Libyan leader allegedly provided to his supporters had filtered into Nigeria where they are now being used to fuel killings across the north-central.

President Buhari does not believe the attacks might have tribal or religious undertone because they largely occurred at Christian-dominated and minority tribes areas. He believes those propagating the assertion are doing so for political gains.

But many Nigerians don’t believe the position of the president.

Indeed, he may need to reassess his position especially now that leaders of cattle breeders association repeatedly claimed responsibility for deadly attacks.

Politicians should stop playing politics with the security situation in Nigeria.

Ils devraient se lever pour s’attaquer à la situation. (They should rise up to tackle the situation).

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