June 14, 2018

Firm set to provide N’Delta communities with clean drinking water

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By Gabriel Ewepu

ABUJA- A firm called Safewater Energy and Environmental Restoration Ltd, SWEER, yesterday, disclosed its readiness to provide Niger Delta communities with clean drinking water.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Safewater Energy and Environmental Restoration, SWEER, Dr Thaddaeus Thompson.

This was made known by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CEO, SWEER, Dr Thaddaeus Thompson, while expressing concern over the lack of clean water for human consumption for the Niger Delta region.

Thompson said the people in the area deserve the purest of waters for their wellbeing and other uses being the hub for the nation’s revenue generation for over five decades.

According to him people should not continue to get water from undrinkable ponds and unprotected wells that are haven to all kinds of micro and deadly organisms, which some livestock and humans share the dirty water together, which they trek miles in search of water to survive in this 21st century.

Safewater Energy & Environment Restoration Ltd specializes in Drinking Water Purification, Disaster Recovery, Environmental Restoration, Rural Electrification, Network/Internet Solutions, and Drones & Logistics Management.

He said: “Communities in the Niger Delta region have suffered lack of access to clean drinking water since 1956 after the discovery of oil in commercial quantity, which the expectation was high that the proceeds from the Niger Delta region would be used to transform their lives being the geese that lay the golden eggs, but the reverse remains the case.

“The people have been suffering to access clean drinking water for almost 70 years. Despite efforts made by several governments at the federal, state and local government levels no clean drinking water has been provided for over 90 per cent of the people in the Niger Delta region.

“As a responsible and concerned company, Safewater Energy and Environmental Restoration, SWEER, has deemed it necessary to move into the region to provide clean drinking water with modern technology that is unusual for the communities who are without clean drinking water.

“We are passionately concerned about the health of pregnant women, children, young people and the aged. We want them to have a sense of belonging and live healthy and productive lives free of water-borne diseases.”

According to him the company will achieve this with its partners with sophisticated technology that is environment friendly.

“In Nigeria we have started the move to provide purified water and clean energy to facilitate socio-economic growth with profitability. We are moving in with our partners soon. Our clean drinking water technology and concept is environment friendly.

“The water project is going to be affordable by all people in the region as we are going to subsidise it for every family and individuals to have access to it. We don’t want to sit down with the technology and watch an estimated 124,000 children under the age of 5 die annually as a result of consuming unsafe water including poor sanitation”, he said.

Meanwhile, speaking on diseases and their effects on children and adults due to poor safeguarding of the environment he (Thompson) said the company and partners will ensure people imbibe the culture of good and sustainable hygiene practices to prevent waterborne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, respiratory infection, lack of nutrition, lack of private toilet including at schools where pupils and students embark on open defecation and poor hand washing habits that lead to cholera, diarrhea and typhoid outbreak.