*Says, ‘I’m not bothered about breaking into the music scene’

Adene Eromosele Peter, an Edo State-born graduate of Computer Engineering, Babcock University is a Nigerian musician who began his music-making craft with the formation of a music group called ‘The Corpershun Diaries’,TCD, while observing his compulsory National Youth Service Corp program. In this interview with Star Tracker, the budding singer speaks on his music, aspirations and what he’s doing to empower Nigerian youths .

By Adetutu Adesoji

What actually inspired you into music?

Before I went to the university, I knew what I wanted to do. Like I said earlier, most of us go to school without studying their desired courses. I knew I was going to do music, but my parents didn’t support the idea at that time. With time, I have been able to gain their confidence.  Last month, my dad spoke to me about dropping some projects to enable me concentrate more on my music; I just smiled because I know where I’m going.

What’s your kind of music?

I do inspirational music. Before you sing, you need to understand yourself as an artiste. Over time, understanding myself and my brand, I have realized that I like to make people happy. I’m not trying to blow my trumpet but I’m a selfless person, I believe in helping other people and making them happy. So I do inspirational music because that is where I find pleasure

Most music lovers enjoy Afro-pop and other genres, how do you intend to break into the market  with your style of music?

Sincerely, I’m not bothered about breaking into the Nigerian music scene and becoming an A-list artiste. In music, you need to know what you are doing. If you are doing the kind of music that cannot fetch you millions of naira every month, you need to get an alternative, but still do the music. That’s exactly what I’m doing and that’s why I have The Corpershun Diaries,TCD, and my media company.

Have you any album out there?

I have a single titled, ‘Arewa’ which  I released  in early this year. I also have ‘Adura’. We are planning to shoot a video for ‘Adura’ before the end of this month and it will be released in two months time.  ‘Adura’ is a prayer for Nigeria.

Do you intend to work with some of the established artistes?

Of course, I would love to work with Davido. Although his style of music is different from mine, he inspires me a lot. I think Davido and Wizkid inspire every singer even if you are a gospel artiste. Wizkid started from scratch and look at where he is today, Davido is the exact opposite of Starboy. He  has money and probably has no reason to work as hard as some of us. But he seems to be the most hardworking artiste in the industry. Apart from making music with him, I will also like to relate with him to know what his drive is and how he manages to drop hits back to back.

Adene Eromosele Peter

How did you come about The Corpershun Diaries (TCD)?

TCD is an empowerment and motivational platform that is established to showcase and promote on a national and international scale, the skills, hustle and talents of Nigerian youths; to create opportunities, empower and motivate the Nigerian youths and also promote networking opportunities without having to entirely depend on financial backing from anybody, be it their parents, family members or anybody at all. The pressure to conform to societal norms has made a lot of us get degrees in our least desired courses. Over and again, this is still happening and it is inevitable, this leaves us with a lot of graduates that are sad and do not feel accomplished. Most times, those that studied their desired courses end up with jobs that they do not want. People say there are no jobs, let’s imagine there are no jobs, what about people that go out of their way to make something for themselves; people that train themselves in their desired careers without studying the same in school. Now, the economy is ‘blessed’ and it is hard for people to chase their dreams, it is even hard for them to sustain such dreams because at the end of the day, they might have to get a job in order to survive. This is why The Corpershun Diaries is here. We  try to help as many youths as we can reach in Nigeria. We create networking opportunity for everyone anywhere across Nigeria.


How do you achieve all these?

We have different departments, one of which is Yute Bants. Yute is a slang for youth in the UK and Bant means speaking. Yute Bants is our podcast department that trains On Air Personalities (OAP). It is often hard for people to get jobs if they don’t have experience. So, we are that experience that people need, we go out of our way to take the ‘risk’ because this is a learning phase. Another platform is the Amebo Concern; this is our script writing department where we train the writing skills of our members. Moving on we have Brown Khaki, this is a series that is coming out soon in July. We are training actors, producers, directors, sound engineers and everyone aiming for a career success  in the movie industry. We also have Arry which is our grand app that has the capacity to connect service providers with the users of their services all across Nigeria. Lastly, we have Belleful Naija where we give back to people around us by feeding them.


How do you manage your music and TCD?

It has not been easy because I fund TCD with the money I make from my music. This is the beginning stage and the youths I work with do not have jobs and I understand that. So, I need to be serious with my music and that is why I’m shooting a video for my new song in order to generate funds.

Considering the name ‘The CorperShun Diaries’, is your team just Corps members?

TCD started when I was serving in 2017. When we started we were focusing on empowering corps members but now, it is bigger than that. Corps members on our platform and people that have not exceeded a year post service have an extra privilege but the platform is open to every youth. We have over a thousand youths that we are empowering at the moment and not all of them are corps members.

Have you had any challenge with crowd funding being mistaken for a fraud scheme?

Yes we have had our share of these shortcomings and it has helped us to grow. It has not been easy but it has been amazing.

Is TCD achieving its purpose?

Yes it is. We are getting amazing results. People are giving testimonies every week within Lagos  and beyond. I’m talking about people all over Nigeria. The feedback  has been amazing.

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