By Haroon-Ishola Balogun

As Ramadan slides to its half tomorrow, it is time for self appraisal. It is time to look at areas you have not done very well in your ibadaat. Have you met your target in your recitation of the Holy Quran and how much of the messages of the Holy Book have you internalised? Did you miss any Tarawih? What about your Tahjud and other supererogatory prayers? Well, it is not over yet, extra ibadaat in the remaining half can cover for all the inadequacies. You need to be more determined to achieve all your set goals in the month. You just need to shift the gear for more activities in order to earn the pleasure of Allah.

The recitation of the Quran is one aspect that you must incorporate in your daily schedule. Remember that the Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan and you can only make this month worthwhile if you study it. Those who have studied it before now always go over it again and again. The result of this repeated activity is that it will make more impact in your life than ever before. Also, note that the most beloved deeds to Allah are those done regularly, even if they are little. No matter how little, do regularly and you will be blessed for it.

Do not engage in activities that negate the blessings of this month. The 30-day spiritual exercise is meant to reshape and remold us to be better persons and earn us Al-Janah Firdaus.

Let your heart glow in the worship of Allah, at work-place, home or any other place you find yourself during the day. Allow the seed of sincere intention, love of Allah, care for others grow in your hearts and guide your behavior, then you would have achieved greatly in this Ramadan.

Sahur and Iftar Timing
Lagos —Sahur: 4:20- 5:05 Iftar: 7:02

Abuja —Sahur: 4:00- 4:45 Iftar: 7:02

P/Harcourt —Sahur: 4:10- 5:00 Iftar: 6:48

Asaba:—Sahur: 4:15- 5:05 Iftar: 6:55

Maiduguri—Sahur: 3:30- 4:17 Iftar: 6:30

Kano:—Sahur: 3:40- 4:35 Iftar: 6:50


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