May 1, 2018

F1 hopes new rules will help overtaking

F1 hopes new rules will help overtaking

formula one

Formula One’s rulers announced new measures Tuesday designed to enable cars to race closer together and help overtaking next season.

Formula one

Among the changes confirmed by the FIA after consultation with the 10 teams are a simplified larger front wing and a deeper rear wing.

The FIA’s announcement comes in the wake of the chaotic but enthralling Azerbaijan Grand Prix on the streets of Baku won by Mercedes’ defending champion Lewis Hamilton.

Sunday’s enthralling race was in stark contrast to the dull season-opener in Australia with only five overtaking manoeuvres completed in Melbourne.

An FIA statement read: “In addition to the aerodynamic changes ratified yesterday (Monday), the FIA is continuing to evaluate a range of other measures aimed at encouraging closer racing and boosting overtaking in F1.”

F1’s managing director of motorsports Ross Brawn welcomed the 2019 aerodynamic modifications as “an important step”.