April 18, 2018

The Next Big Thing in Digital Space – WebAd

The Next Big Thing in Digital Space – WebAd

The internet has undoubtedly changed the way humans access and interact with information. Similar to the Gutenberg revolution, the internet has expanded the reach of humankind, allowing anyone to express their views and share their knowledge, while also making it possible for anyone in the world to have access to information, education and entertainment. This brought about social media interaction and communication.

Not only are online influencers being able to kick start their careers and reach millions of people, they are also getting paid to do so. Social media industry is one of the most important sectors of the internet industry and it’s basically what keeps the lights on for most online businesses. However, it is also, one of the most flawed parts of the internet ecosystem.

Online users and social media lovers are often forced to deal with a wide variety of content online that doesn’t relate to them. Businesses now put so much emphasis on placing Ads online that don’t connect with their customers, and so have become intrusive overtime, diminishing the overall user experience on social platforms.

WebAd: Making Social Media less Cumbersome

Social media advertising is as popular as ever, and most people will agree that it is what keeps the internet going. However, with the huge amount of information people are continuously bombarded with, it’s becoming a rare feat to have marketing content that connect with intended audiences. This makes the quality of information very diluted and most certainly disturbs users’ experiences. So, what if you could make your online advertising a pleasurable experience for everyone?

That’s where WebAd comes in.

WebAd is a decentralized Social media platform that seeks to make the online social media experience more pleasant and rewarding for all those involved, bringing more revenue for Businesses with high quality ads, and rewards for the users.

“WebAd will change digital marketing as we believe people are ready for changes and new products that cater to very specific needs.”, said Sheneni Tukura the CEO of Webercom Tech Ltd.

How does WebAd work?

WebAd  is building an ecosystem that is designed for business owners, marketers and advertisers to efficiently market their products, goods and services via blockchain to their desired audience. WebAd’s strategy tackles two problems by making social media less cumbersome for users, with relevant business ads and gives business owners a dedicated platform for their business. WebAd will use location to target business owners and customers who are in proximity to each other to reach them first as well as sponsored ads to reach a wider audience of their choice and specification.

WebAd hopes this will help businesses especially Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) reach customers around them with their unique products and expand their business.

On the other hand, Customers will be presented with much more pleasant advertising, one that ultimately contributes to the user experience, instead of diminishing it.

However, the most rewarding aspect of WebAd will be its tokenized rewards pool in which Webercoin, an Ethereum-based token, will be awarded to users based on their engagement on the platform. The reward pool is based on users’ participation on the platform.

Webercoin Token

The Webercoin token is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Instead of taking fees, The Webercoin (WBC) token will be issued during the Token Sale. In this way, the WBC token holders have a vested interest in participating in the platform and rating reputable businesses. As the WBC token will be the required payment method for buying advertising space on the platform, advertisers will need to purchase WBC tokens (such as through an exchange) in order to have available advertising units on the platform. The white paperreads:

‘WBC tokens will be the initial revenue source for the platform members. The WBC token will be the required payment method for buying advertising space on the platform. This means advertisers will need to purchase WBC tokens through an exchange. The platform administrators may accept a direct sale of WBC tokens for Ether (ETH) at a similar rate as that offered to the existing WBC token holders. Half of the WBC tokens from the media buys will go into the WBC pool. The other half will be put into an administrator fund which will be used to pay for the operations of the platform. The ETH received from the direct sale of WBC tokens will be used to fund development and marketing for the platform.

With the use of blockchain technology and well organised digital channels, WebAd is the next big thing that will make internet marketing and business reach be seamless and profiting.’