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PDP: Time for defectors to return

By Pius Ovbije

When I take a graphic look and do not see some persons that were our men and women anymore in the PDP political ship, I ask, what happened?

When we hear the reasons adduced by many of them who have STEPPED ASIDE from the umbrella, I cannot but say that the human attitude leaves much to be desired. It is sad to note that many of those who have defected from the revered Peoples Democratic Party have left on account of having not

benefited anything from the party, but is that really true? Or have left on account of not having their next political ambition granted immediately? But the big question is, how possible is it for you to be the one next on the line always? If you take a thorough study of many of those who have left, the question that comes to mind is, were they the commoners, were they the down trodden? The answer again is no! Rather, many of them were those who had got one juicy appointment or the other, they were those whose lives have been transformed from the low class to higher societal inner room; as a matter of fact, with some from prison to the presidential seat of power.


Conversely, today, they have left and gone out there with the microphone of campaign of calumny that PDP is a terrible party, all because they seek relevance in their new political camp. How ungrateful, how unjust will you treat PDP in that manner?

To move into a new political party and gain recognition almost immediately, two factors are involved: One, the persons must have been self-made financially and, two, must have had political positions/appointments in the previous party. The question is, how many of them who have left for those new found parties were actually self-made without PDP blessing?

WHAT COULD BE WRONG? In this view, one deduce in their action absolute lack of conscience, a ravaging insatiable spirit, the craze/crave for perpetual grip of power and indeed a seeming inordinate ambition for position of authority and wealth without any intent to relinquish for others to feel.

OTHERWISE, how justified it is for someone who had through the PDP being a councilor, chairman local government, commissioner, an executive assistant to the governor,   governor, a minister, an ambassador, or having been a national or state law maker and worst still a President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria all to SUDDENLY make a u-turn and begin to castigate with venomous aspersions on the PDP that has made them to attain   such height ?.

Is it not an open display of treachery, is it not the height of inhumanity towards others, is it not an indication of abysmal dishonesty and betrayal that needed to be properly checked even by those they have going to meet in their new parties?

If the reason you are quitting PDP is because you could not get something bigger, how are you sure you will get it in your new party? In your so-called new found party, are there no keen competitors who may even be smarter, richer or more influential?

If everybody must run away for want of something, are you sure those who had invested in the new found parties will allow you get the best when their input over the years have not yet got a commensurate dividend?

Or do you think the people you met on ground who have labored assiduously to keep the flag of their party flying will take you as seriously having noticed that you had benefited so much in your old party, the PDP, and still dumped it? Won’t they see you as an insincere person, a political gold-digger or an interloper?

If as a party man, you run away because your party is failing or has failed you, invariably you have carried along with you failures and heap of unsettled debts into the new party you have run into because one day, circumstances and situations that are so frustrating will certainly arise in your new found party. And because you have

refused to stay in your first place and tackle the problems that emanated therein, it is obvious that, one day you will still run away from that so called interventionist party no matter what. THAT IS WHY TODAY, THE ISSUE OF THIRD FORCE HAS ARISEN !

Politics of exclusion, imposition of candidates are some of the alleged reasons for quitting the PDP; failure to adopt popular opinion or even give room to them to prevail at conventions and congresses; failure to embark on proper consultations to all stakeholders before taking critical decisions binding on all members; giving appointments to undeserving persons and so on are all part of reasons for quitting. But as a matter of fact, are these same challenges not ravaging the alternative parties today?

Despite all the accusation leveled against PDP on its inability to deliver on the economy by the agents of the then pro-interventionist party and for which they had dumped PDP after immense benefit and aligned with the then opposition forces to form a new party, are they not here again seeking a third alternative?   But how many alternatives can they really seek?

In clear terms, it is evident that there is insatiability, undue crave for   power etc by some collective few to rotate power among themselves and not a sincere DESIRE TO SERVE THE PEOPLE !

Therefore, we as a PDP family, let us re-unite and find solutions to the inherent problems rather than keep looking outside for an alternative party or platform. Redemption is within us, not in any other force or alternative party.

At this juncture, there is an unconditional need for all those who have left the party to come back. Like a father who has built a compound he would not abandon his home for somewhere else because the roofs are beginning to leak or the walls getting cracked. What should rather be done is planning re-roofing and amending the walls.

WE therefore want to use this platform, this august meeting of the Delta Political Vanguard to beckon on all persons who felt aggrieved one way or the other to stage a comeback. No other political party has it all.


* Ovbije is DESOPADEC Commissioner for Ugh North, Ethiope East & Urhobos in Patani; he is also the Delta Central Director of Delta Political Vanguard, DPV.


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