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Painful moments

By Chioma Gabriel

These are indeed, not cheerful times in Nigeria. Killings happening around Nigeria are getting worrisome by the day. It’s like human life is worth nothing anymore and those who should do the needful are busy playing about with words.

Imagine, slaughtering human beings across communities and in Churches is being code-named herdsmen-farmers clashes. Is it what it is? An army of occupation has invaded Nigeria, displacing people from their homes and communities and killing them like goats and politicians are calling it herdsmen-farmers clashes. Please, could someone explain it to me, what farm are the two Reverend Fathers killed in Benue recently cultivating? Were the slaughtered worshipers in their farmlands? Were the many communities where were invaded and the occupants killed in their own homes, farmers-herdsmen clashes?

We need to put things in their proper perspectives and stop playing politics with words. Or should we continue to lie to ourselves that we don’t know what is going on? Or is it possible that these people twisting the words are benefiting from the chaos and are sponsoring it? Are the powers that be seriously doing anything to stop the carnage that is spreading or should they continue to speak from both sides of the mouth?

Who is fooling who in Nigeria?Are these happenings truly herdsmen/farmers clashes or ethnic/religious cleansing? Why is Leah Sharibu the only kidnapped Dapchi girl still in captivity?

Why is the issue being handled with kids gloves? Why are politicians confusing Nigerians by calling black white and white black?

What goes around comes around and somehow, a man gets to reap what he sows.

The evil happening around Nigeria is spreading to the high places. We were all shocked when thugs invaded the senate chambers during plenary and went away with the mace. Nobody could stop them. Imagine what it could have been were it gunmen or herdsmen that invaded the senate chambers and to imagine that presidential quarters are close by.

I think the time to tell ourselves the truth is now. We cannot continue this way. Things are obviously deteriorating and our leaders should not be like Emperor Nero who played the fiddle while Rome burnt.

What is happening in Nigeria could lead to the disintegration of  the country if care is not taken. Nigerian politicians should repent of this evil enveloping the land. Nigerian politicians claim innocence of the insecurity in the country. There is no way these people should think they will not be affected by the carnage if it continues. The current state of the nation is a proof that things are not working.

Nigeria is failing, strangers have invaded us and we are lying about the true state of things. The Nigerian politicians and leaders have blamed everybody else but themselves. They have blamed the youth, blamed late Muammar Gaddafi and laziness. The leaders have refused to see themselves as the problem. Things are getting to a head. We should stop pretending and start telling one another the truth. We keep carrying on as if all is well but we know all is not well and we cannot continue like this because it is bequeathing anarchy to our children.

Confusion is looming in government circles. The senate is blowing hot. There are both internal and external crisis threatening the senate. Recently, a senator was publicly humiliated by the police for alleged gun-running and other criminal activities. While the case is not yet established, many believe the senator is suffering for his opposition stance against the executive.

Nobody knows what to believe anymore. In the midst of it all, the representatives are believed to be carting away millions of naira as their monthly earnings while most of them have forgotten the people they have gone to represent. The peoples representatives are now representing their pockets while their people wallow in abject poverty. The winner simply takes it all.

The same thing is happening in the judiciary. Justice is standing on its head. Gone were the days when the judiciary was said to be the hope of the common man. Now, justice goes to the highest bidder while the innocent were denied.

The three arms of government cannot work together for the common good of the people. They for their selfish interests while the people have been completely ignored.

Just last week, some members of the Senate asked that the process to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari be started, for failing to get the senate approval before withdrawing $496m from the Excess Crude Account to purchase military aircraft from United States. The president had written a letter to the senate disclosing that the money had been withdrawn and paid to the United States for the 12 Super Tucano aircraft, ahead of legislative approval. This, he said, was done to beat the deadline for the arms deal. He acted without recourse first to the national assembly and some senators are not taking it lying low. They perceived the president’s action as “a gross abuse of the constitution.”

The truth is, two cannot work together except they agree and because there is no agreement between the three arms of government, the country is going comatose. The executive and the national assembly have become Nigeria’s Tom and Jerry.

Which way Nigeria? Who will get Nigeria out of this mess?

Indeed, more should be done by Nigerian authorities to end this epidemic of gruesome killings of people across the country by herdsmen, ethnic militias and cult groups .

The disturbing escalation in the bloodshed by these groups should be tackled headlong. This is not the time to be economical with the truth. We must tackle these problems headlong and to do that effectively, the three arms of government must work pari – pasu .

Il n’est pas encore trop tard (It is not yet too late).

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