By Yinka Odumakin

WHEN the news came last Wednesday that five thugs allegedly  led by suspended Senator Ovie Omo-Agege had in what is tantamount to a coup took the legislative authority from the Senate, my initial reaction was “scripted”!

Even the most daring armed robbers like Lawrence Anini who was sentenced to death by Justice Omo Agege  31 years ago would not have headed for the National Assembly for any operation as that would amount to a suicide.The security forces around the presiding officer in the red chambers  alone was enough to apprehend five touts sauntering into the hallowed chambers in session if this was not a manifestation of a sinister plot with masterminds in the highest places.

Emerging facts have proved my fears right that the whole sad drama that took place in the very eyes of visiting Ghanaian lawmakers was an attempt to replay the dastardly act of the 1965 in the Western Region Parliament which eventually led to the collapse of the First Republic within a year.

The coup planners who were said to have hatched the plot in the home of a former governor in Abuja the night before had  allegedly planned Omo-Agege would storm the Chamber to make away with the mace which would force adjournment and they would then return to effect a change of leadership with the symbol of authority. In the alternative, they expected some hotheads to engage the thugs which would have led to a stampede and an excuse for security forces to move in and disband the sitting.

The two scenarios did not play out and the fallouts of the failed coup had to be managed by the Baba Ageges since Omo Agege has failed.

The tragi-comedy then started. Omo-Agege was escorted home by the police but the gullible public was made to believe he was “arrested”. An hour later,he issued a press statement that he was not arrested and that he only went to the Senate to enforce his right since he has been told that his suspension was illegal.

A day after the Idris-led police announced it found the mace somewhere in Abuja and returned it to the Senate. Before you could spell Senate, Omo-Agege had achieved what was unthinkable when we still had a country. He got a preemptive anticipatory injunction against all security agencies not to arrest him duly signed by Hon. Justice I.U Bello pending the hearing of Motion on Notice on the 7th of May, 2018. Gone were the days courts were conscious that when the conduct of the plaintiff or his agent has been such as to disentitle him to the assistance of the court an injunction cannot be granted him.

And the directors of this amateur movie think that we have been so Boko Haramised that we can no longer read through silly plots and see where Baba Agege took over from Omo Agege.

For your understanding to be full,Omo-Agege is the Secretary of the Parliamentary Support Group (Senate) for President Muhammadu Buhari,in the order of a divisive leadership we currently have in the country. This group is said to be funded by a North West Governor and a former South -South Governor and has given Omo-Agege unhindered access to Aso Rock with the alleged backing of powerful forces in the presidency.The Senate disbanded this group the day Omo-Agege was suspended. And it was a right thing to do.What would the Senate become if every presidential aspirant were to openly float a support group there ? Why would any Senator with what Senator Ben Bruce is known for turn himself or herself to a political tout for a presidential aspirant on the floor of the Senate when he or she  represents a whole district and is being maintained there with public funds?This was inconceivable in the years our parliament was filled with proper men and women and not plenty of misfits with sound individuals now sprinklings !

This sordid event reminds one of the conversation I had with a former Military Administrator and one of the men I have the most tremendous respect for in the North of Nigeria the night Mr. President declared his intention to seek re-election.The soft -spoken retired officer told me that if Nigeria were to have another four years of what is going on now “Mark my words,Nigeria would disintegrate within two years”.

The development on the floor of the Senate last Wednesday has moved the fears closer to how the country survives the next ten months under this dispensation and remain healthy.

I quoted former Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa extensively on this page last week raising the banner of a possible military coup.Up till now the hyperactive media team of the Presidency has yet to respond to the coup bait. Even the military has kept mute on the matter.These should worry us as we now see kid gloves treatment of the re-enactment of events that led to the first coup in the history of Nigeria.

My two cents?Omo-Agege  has done a reprehensible thing but he is not our problem at the moment. It is the Baba Agege that made it possible for him to to do what he did that is the headache we have to cure .

…ANRP says it for youths

ABUNDANT Nigeria Renewal Party, ANRP,  is aghast, ashamed, and angered at the disappointing, insensitive, distasteful, rather disdainful, and false comments by President Muhammadu Buhari about the youth of Nigeria.

At the Commonwealth Business Forum in London on Wednesday 18 April, he infamously said, ‘More than 60 percent of the population is below 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria is an oil producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, education free.’

The most irritating part of this response is, it was supposed to be the answer to the simple question, ‘What are the investment opportunities in the Northeast?’

President Buhari’s off-point, false, and meaningless response only proves how disconnected he is with the Nigerian society, as well as his deep-seated disdain for Nigerian youth, otherwise the answer does not relate to the question at all. It was also a missed opportunity to sell Nigeria and her most prized possession, her youthful population.

ANRP checks fail to find the Head of Government of any country in the world that demarkets, disparages, derides and opens their citizens to public ridicule as President Buhari has a penchant for doing.

Nigerian youth hustle and toil under extreme conditions to make ends meet. They are known to be hardworking, resourceful, enterprising, innovative, with a conquering spirit, resilient, succeeding against the odds. Nigeria youth have excelled and are excelling in every area of human endeavour. All the leading authorities who have investigated this matter, and the world at large recognises this as a fact.

Nigeria has given the present generation of youth nothing but woes and disappointments, not even good role models. Everything the youth have achieved has been by sweat, creating it from scratch with their own hands. Despite this, things keep getting tougher.

Never in the history of Nigeria have Nigerian youth had it so terrible as under the maladministration of President Buhari. He had promised to create 3 million jobs for the youth yearly. As at December 2017, 7.9 million citizens lost their jobs in 21 months of his administration, 4.4 million in 2017 alone. No administration has impoverished the youth as President Buhari’s. It is under his watch that Nigeria spiralled down to the country with the largest number, and largest percentage of extremely poor people in the world.

It is under his administration that the number of out-of-school children in Nigeria has peaked at 13.2 million.

This comment coming from one who has benefitted from Nigeria all his life — having joined the Nigerian Army at age 19 and retired as a Major-General and Head of State at 42; and has been living off our oil wealth, with every single thing provided for him free for the rest of his life — to turn around and deride Nigerian youth is extremely provocative.

The youth of Nigeria shall be purging our society of disdainful, entitled politicians who care nothing about them, who are disconnected and cannot understand their pains and struggles, much less empathise with them.

Sesugh Akume

National Spokesman”

God,let me not offend “lazy youth” like these ANRP guys!


Re: LKJ : Still the measuring rod

DEAR Yinka,

Thank you so much for bringing back once again the memorable deeds of our irreplaceable LKJ to the fore.

In our usual evening with my friends in our “Parliament “,the debate has always been whether Lagos state has moved an inch after thirty-four years LKJ left office.

Can there be comparison of what he did in those glorious four years as against what his successors have achieved in 34 years?

There is the sad commentary that maintaining those structures he left behind has turned out to be nightmares for various successors. And it appears to be irrefutable!

I know that sincere people with good conscience will agree that that is shameful seeing what’s going on today.I am also aware that some mock him for living in poverty after presiding over affairs of Lagos state,compared with those after him.

But whatever may be the case,let his  legacies reply those unconscionable ones who believe in the politics of their bellies against service to God and humanity .

Thank you my brother.

Leo Ojukwu Esq.

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