By Patrick Dele Cole

FOR the past few weeks, the newspapers have been full of stories about Russia killing an English Russian spy with a radioactive nerve agent poison. All of the West is getting hot under the collar claiming that the hit was ordered by Putin himself.

Boris Johnson, the British Secretary, claimed that the poisoning by nerve agent of the former British spy and his daughter was likely overwhelming – that Putin himself ordered the attempted assassination of the former double agent. By naming Putin, Johnson has ratcheted up the issue (like Tony Blair ‘sexing up’ Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMD, report by claiming a 48-hour delivery capability).

Boris Johnson has since been touring European headquarters for support of his charges.

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister doing the same, with the overture to the United States, US, builds a strong opposition to stop Russia.

The English responded by expelling 23 Russian diplomats and threatening a slew of further actions against rich, Capitalist Russians who have houses in expensive parts of London and lots of money in English banks (which presumably, the English businessmen borrow and use for the prosperity of England).

During the last days, Britain united the OPCW (the Organization for the Protection against Chemical Weapons) – to inspect the chemical agent.

Moscow has retaliated by sending out the same number – 23 British diplomats – in Moscow and cancelled all cultural activities carried out by the British Council last week in Petersburg. Russia has further withdrawn permission for Britain to put up a consulate. The US, meanwhile is accusing Russia of cyber-attacking the utilities in the US.

What does the National Security Agency, NSA, do listening to the World?

If the US knows that it is being cyber-attacked, why does  she  so cry like a weakling baby that it is being unfairly treated? Is this the likely reaction of the United States?

Most popular culture deals with the insiders of the US and United Kingdom, UK,  intelligence communities?

What do the books of Graham Greene, Ian Fleming teach us?

The most popular spy of the UK is James Bond, 007 who is licensed to kill. Who is he licensed to kill?  The US has ‘Our Man Flint,’ and ‘Mission Impossible’ series of Tom Cruise. There is also in the US Television series, ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E,’ starring fictional characters; the American spy called Napoleon Solo (played by Robert Vaughn) and the Russian spy called Illya Kuryakin (played by David McCallum). The Manchurian Candidate was another hit movie starring Frank Sinatra.

The films depict the heroes from NSA, from CIA, from M15, M16, the SAS, and a hundred other organisations clearly leaving the impression that what the public knows is merely the tip of the iceberg. These organisations do a lot worse than the films depict. Similar myths are woven about the Special Forces, the SAS and other organisations in Europe. It was made clear that these organisations operate outside the orbit of the law of any country and that their special objects were the evil people employed by or living in or in collusion with their enemies: a fatal combat between enemies. The whole drone technology and capabilities were developed with these same objectives and the most dramatic use of the drone technology has been the elimination of ISIS leaders including Bin Laden by the US Special Forces under President Obama.

Every intelligence organisation in the World has a wall of commendation for those killed in active duty. They train all their agents on how to kill.

The US now has the biggest series of investigations since the days of the Senator McCarthy’s blanket baiting of all opponents as communist spies, sympathisers or active careerists masquerading as bureaucrats or politicians when in fact, they were communist agents and sympathisers. The feeling that a deep Communist State exists was the motivating force behind the lunacy known as McCarthyism in the US. It has left a deep suspicion of everything Russian in the US. (The UK says it will take months to investigate the provenance of the nerve agent and used on the double agent in the United Kingdom. If so, why rush to judgment to name Russia?)

Even the assassination of Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald, some have claimed, was inspired by Russia because Oswald had once been to Russia. The West to sustain itself must have enemies: Russia and China fulfill this role.

Boris Johnson and the West seem to have forgotten the lessons of WMD after 9/11. At that time, the massive Western propaganda was employed against Iraq and Afghanistan). I remember the United Nations, UN, Security Council Debate when General Powell was even admiring the cleverness of Iraq which could move WMD on trucks to evade Hans Blix’s UN inspectors. Tony Blair told the British Parliament that Saddam had the weapons and that his weapons could reach the UK within 48-hours. Most of the West, except France, kept insisting that Hans Blix was fooled and would not possibly find what was obviously in front of his nose. It was the claim of WMD owned by Iraq that led to the war in Iraq, the removal of Hussein, etc. It turned out that the whole thing was unfounded after most of Iraq had been levelled. The invading allies did not find any weapons of mass destruction.

The propaganda jamboree seems to have started again. Boris Johnson claims that Russia has, in the past 10years, been stockpiling this nerve agent, one of the deadliest WMD. If UK knew this, why has it been quiet about it all this while? Where is it? Now, the International Agency for the Protection against Chemical Weapon, APCW, is to investigate the nerve agent. The UK goes on about the claim of Russian guilt. It wants to seize Russian money, expose President Putin’s money, stored in Western Banks and capitals, etc. When did the UK learn about Russian dirty money, about £1billion had, been in the UK?

When the British first made the charge of poisoning the agents against Russia, the latter offered to help investigate the incident. It even asked that the APCW be invited and that Russia be given 10 days to investigate the charge.

The whole of the British Press has forgotten 9/11 episode.

Not one newspaper asked the relevant question: how did Boris Johnson know the nerve agent was Russian, and that it had been stockpiling WMDs for over 10 years.

When Russia money was coming into the UK – did they not know that the money was hideous, dirty and owned by Russian murderous oligarchs? Why does the UK have banks that can accept dirty money? The money becomes dirty only after a quarrel with UK.

Under normal circumstances, none of these matters would be worth more than a few minutes interest. It is no more than life-imitating-art. The attack on the former spies is condemnable and unacceptable. I merely wish to remind us that all these countries are equally guilty of unlawful assassination. It is integral to the game.

(This business of the West, each time there is a diplomatic dispute, threaten economic sanctions, the closing of bank accounts, etc. may soon be counterproductive when non-Western countries begin to have alternative currencies and financial instruments that may outstrip Western domination of financial systems).

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