March 14, 2018

IS posts brutal videos of 2 children executing Afghan soldiers

Islamic State on Wednesday posted brutal images of two children apparently executing three men wearing orange jumpsuits in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province.

One of the five images showed the two boys, perhaps around ten years old, as they each led one man by the neck.

In another picture, they were standing behind two of the three prisoners.

The last showed the prisoners dead on the ground with bloodied heads, with the children raising their weapons into the air.

dpa could not independently verify the authenticity of the images.

A caption describes the scenes as the “liquidation” of two Afghan army soldiers and a spy that helped them.

Since Islamic State’s emergence in Afghanistan in early 2015, Nangarhar province has been the group’s main stronghold in the country.

The Sunni extremists are expanding into northern Afghanistan, while also launching attacks in major cities, including Kabul.

In its annual report on civilian casualties in Afghanistan, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said it had received reliable reports of more than 640 children recruited into armed groups.

Nineteen children were verified to have been recruited by Islamic State.

According to UNAMA, the children were recruited to function as bodyguards, as well as for intelligence gathering, planting bombs, and carrying out suicide attacks.