March 10, 2018

INEC Timetable: Should presidential election come first or last?


Cross section of Voters Queuing for accreditation and Voting, at unity 10, world A6, Ogunmodede juniors college, Epe, Epe Local Government Area, during the 2017 Lagos State Local Government Election by Lagos state Independent Electoral Commission, LASIEC, on. 22/07/2017. Photo: Bunmi Azeez

To ensure a credible election, it should come last … – Nwachukwu Nnamdi Isdore, Businessman

I’m in support of national assembly amending the 2019 election time table. By so doing, all the aspirants, will be voted into the different offices they are aspiring for, based on their capacity and how well they have represented or served or their perceived ability to serve and to ride on anybody’s back.

Unlike before, where the presidential election comes first and the president after winning there is a bandwagon effect or the President-elect begins to scheme for who will not. With this amendment, the national assembly elections comes first and governorship and presidential election will come last. This will enable the electorate vote based on their conscience and their votes will count.

It should come last to ensure a fair election – Eseri Obatarhe, Entrepreneur
Ideally, I think the presidential election should come last for the election to be fair. If it comes first, there is every tendency that other positions like governorship, house of representatives and the others will be influenced since President Buhari is an APC member. In Nigeria, once a presidential election is held the political party of the winning candidate immediately becomes the favoured one to clear all the votes in the subsequent elections.
It should come first like it did before – Murphy Ajibade Alabi, Journalist
I think the presidential election should come first like we had it the last time. This is because if the presidential election come first it will let us have a free and fair election. I think the time should not be altered.
The presidential elections should come last – Austine Emeka Anieke, Businessman
The presidential elections should come last. Voters should be able to settle their local issues and choices first before they go to the national/federal ones
It should be conducted first – Bolaji Abdulahi, Entrepreneur
I believe that the presidential election should be conducted before other elections because of its encompassing and vast nature. Also the credibility of the presidential election result will determine the state of the country and her citizens.
It should come last because… – Abraham Chukwuemeka
The presidential election should come last because it is the main government of the country. It will define the people’s opinions and hopefully, they will make the right decisions.
The Presidential election should come first — Ali Isah
“Why should the National Assembly change the sequence in the order of the elections? Is it not clear that there is more to this than meets the eye? As far as I am concerned, the Presidential election should come first.
Presidential election should come last – Owen Egade, Administrative Officer
The presidential elections should come last. I don’t see any reason it should come first. What is INEC thinking? Let the status quo remain.
It will affect the outcome of the other elections if held first – Adams Banjo, Software Developer

The presidential elections should come after every other election, because coming first will directly or indirectly affect how the rest of the elections pan out. Now, it could go both ways – whoever or whichever party a person votes for might not win the presidential ticket. People could vote for different candidates or parties for the different elections.

At times, it cuts across party lines as he could also decide to vote for the party that won the presidential election. Now, if the presidential elections come last, irrespective of whatever happens in the other levels or elections, everybody would have voted.