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What would you do if you discovered a week to your wedding that your partner is infertile?

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So you found out a week to your wedding that your partner, for whatever reason, physically cannot make babies? What would you do? Would you still go ahead with the wedding and marry someone you know is infertile? Would you sacrifice children for love?  See  what our celebrities have to say;

By Juliet Ebirim

I will end the wedding if it’s incurable – Evia Simon, Actress

First and foremost, I will carry out a medical research in order to ascertain the cause of his infertility and proffer possible solutions. If it can be treated i will go ahead with the marriage, but if it is not, trust me I  am going to end the marriage plans . Because at the end of the day, I will be blamed or called barren for trying to cover up for the man and people will not understand what I have to put up with in the marriage. Also, I will end up cheating on him or maybe get pregnant for another man and he might even arrange by paying another man to sleep with me just to have kids and pretend they are his. A lot is at stake here. In a nutshell, I can’t go ahead with the marriage if it is incurable. The joy of a marriage is children.

Evia Simon

I will look for solutions – Pearl Chidinma, Fashion Stylist/Actress

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life.  Dealing with infertility and thoughts of conceiving a baby can be trying. The physical, emotional and financial stress of infertility can, if you’re not careful, hurt your relationship with your partner. Now, if I find out a week to my wedding about my fiancé’s  infertility, I would ask to see a fertility doctor and know how much chances we have, then ask my darling Jaruma to come and perform her magic. I’m sure by then, my mother must have told the whole world about her daughter’s wedding and you don’t want your parents saying  them dey do you. Sometimes, these problems can be solved by merely sitting down and analyzing the situation verbally and seeking solutions. You might face something more from the next partner or husband you find.

I will call it quits – Sandra Ifudu, Singer

I will call it quits! I mean,isn’t that why we are getting married in the first place…to have children? It’s better to call it quits before the wedding than to have a divorce in future because that is sure!

It depends… Better safe than sorry. – Yetunde Bakare, Actress

It depends on the level of infertility. If it can be fixed, we will work on it by getting a medical treatment, but if it can’t be fixed we will cancel the wedding because having kids is part of making a happy family. How am I going to start a family knowing fully well that I can’t have my own kids? I’m sure no man will stay with a woman that is infertile/barren and in a situation whereby everybody is always blaming the woman when issues like this come up, it’ll be better to prevent it than to be sorry.

Everyone must not give birth… – Nazareth Bako, Actress

Everybody must not give birth to become parents and I believe there is always a solution to every problem. So we will find a solution because before accepting to marry a man, the feelings must have been deep for you to accept spending a lifetime with him,and that cannot be thrown away easily. Besides there are lots of motherless children that can be adopted when they are a few some months old. I know it’s not easy to stay with an infertile man but maturity goes beyond that. What matters most is love.

I will be there with him for better or worse – Jennifer Enujiugha, Model/Presenter

The fact that I am willing to go down with him means I will be there with him for better or worse. We will find a solution together. I don’t mind us adopting.


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