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Solar suitable for business in Nigeria – Arnergy

Solar has been recommended for operators in many sectors of the economy as Nigeria continues to battle with epileptic power supply.

In a statement sent to Vanguard, Arnergy solar power solution stated that its solar application will support entrepreneurship growth in Nigeria.

“The uninterrupted electricity that has eluded Nigerian homes and businesses will not come from the quasi privatized and centralized distribution and transmission grid but from several off-grid solar power businesses ran and led by (Solar Angels +).

”Also, the situation can be best addressed by Nigerian entrepreneurs leveraging state of the art, reliable, rugged and localized array of solar products and services that will not only power a few bulbs or charge a phone but will power Nigeria out of her economic slowdown.

“Better days are here for several businesses across variety of sectors that have been running at loss or closed due to erratic power, the Healthcare sector (Hospitals, Pharmacy, Diagnostics Centers), Hospitality (Hotel, Quick Service Restaurant, Guest Houses, Bars, Café Education (Schools, Creche, Training Center, hubs).

“Other sector of the economy to benefit from this development include, Agriculture (Poultry farm, Cold fresh food preservation), Retail (Supermarket, shops), Residential, SME (Barbers, Tailors) & Services sectors(Law firm, Accounting Firm, Insurance firm etc).”

It further added that, “the solar system will soon be close to where you can rent Arnergy 300 monthly for N3,300 or a flexible lease to own option or a higher 5kVA option that could power higher loads including air conditioners offering quality lifestyle that has eluded us with 24 hours uninterrupted noiseless power supply.


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