February 15, 2018

Ogecha releases new hit single, ‘Ufedo Mi’

Ogecha releases her brand new and highly anticipated single ‘Ufedo Mi,’ the second official single off her sophomore album due to be released later this year.

The release of ‘Ufedo Mi’ is sequel to her first official single ‘Intentionally Woman’, which has become an anthem for many women around the world.

‘Ufedo Mi’ means ‘My Love’ in Igala and in her unique conversational songwriting style, Ogecha writes the song from a place of realisation of the overwhelming depth of the love of God; that with Him, there are no time barriers; no unsurmountable protocols, no deceit, and marvels at His love for her, regardless of her failings.

Ogecha delivers the song with undeniable finesse, defying the norm with this enjoyable and inspiring sound.

Ufedo Mi was produced by the outstanding Atta Lennel and mixed by the award-winning Kulanen Ikyo.

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