February 20, 2018

I ate heart of chicken as oath —19-yr-old Libyan returnee

I ate heart of chicken as oath —19-yr-old Libyan returnee

Vivian and baby Treasure

By Simon Ebegbulem

BENIN—Many were moved to tears listening to 19-year-old Vivian Imunero, clutching a two-year-old baby, narrate how she ate the heart of a chicken as part of a ritual before her “madam” will take her to Europe, a journey that saw her end up in Libya.

Vivian and baby Treasure

The young lady from Delta State said she was living happily with her parents in a village close to Benin, Edo State capital, before she was talked into the Europe journey.

Narrating her ordeal, she said: “It was one guy called Biggy that helped me. He stays at Upper Sakponba Road here in Benin. Somebody in our village took me to him and he contacted one Madam, who lives in Italy. He also gave me N15,000.”

‘Madam still threatening me from Italy’

She continued: “As we speak, the madam in Italy is threatening me with death. She said I took an oath before I left. It was Biggy and one other man that took me to the native doctor, as the madam directed.

“We were two girls that went to the native doctor for the oath. The implication is that if I get there and run away or sleep with her husband or fail to pay her, the juju will kill me. Thereafter, they killed a chicken and gave us the heart of the chicken to eat, then water to bath with before we were asked to go.

“Biggy is the one moving girls to Italy through Libya and from there our madam will pick the girls. The madam is angry, as I was supposed to wait in Libya until I succeed in coming to Italy, because she wants me to come and be making money for her through prostitution.

“She doesn’t care how I fed, while in Libya; she never sent me money to eat. I was even raped when I got to Libya and she did not care.

“The same woman took my younger sister to Libya. She is there, involved in prostitution. I am not happy about it. I understand how these things work over there and I know it is not good because they don’t use condom there.”

Raped, pregnant

According to her, “I was raped in a place called Gatron in Libya. This was when we were going to Saba. Our car parked in Gatron and they said we were going to sleep there. The Libyan men will come to the women section, wake us up one after the other and rape us.

“They will point gun on your head and you must follow them. But I thank God I did not contract any disease after all these.

“However, I discovered I was pregnant on April 26, 2017 when I went for urine test. I felt bad because I was too young to have a baby. Besides, there was nobody to help me.

“Later, I decided to leave the pregnancy, because I remember my mother always saying a child is a blessing.

“The God that gave me the child knows I must feed, after all the birds of the air have no body but God to feed them.

“I just prayed that God will help me and that was why I named her Treasure.”

Weeping profusely while speaking to Vanguard, Vivian appealed to Delta and Edo states’ governors for help, saying “I have a baby girl at the age of 19 from a Libyan man. I don’t have any-thing to care of her.”