January 6, 2018

War against Tompolo, is war against widows, children- Adowei

Tompolo spent 4 sleepless years in forest, abandoned by friends — IPDI


Prince Okafor

A former ex-militant leader, General Freedom Adowei, has yesterday, said that war against his leader, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, popularly known as Tompolo, is a war against widows, children.


At a press briefing in Warri, Adowei, who was represented by his media aide, Frank Ekpemupolo, pointed out that, “The said speculated court case against my leader Tompolo, is malicious in nature and that, it is politically motivated.

“The War against Tompolo is a war against vulnerable groups like children, widows, and widowers. Tompolo, a non-state actor, through his self-funded foundation (Tompolo’s Foundation), has provided; free education, free medical care, women empowerment programmes and he has as well engaged the youths meaningfully to a large extent.

“Hence, it is equally my demand that the purported arrest warrant against Tompolo be withdrawn and that the reaffirmation of the arrest warrant by the appeal court has resulted to a stillbirth in resolving the issues in the already agitated region.”

The revered ex-agitator, through his aid, Frank, had once again demonstrated his undying love for his people in what has appeared to become his tradition during the yuletide season with the distribution of food items and other gifts to towns and villages in the Ogulagha Kingdom.

He also said, “We should do everything within our power to protect our hero, Tompolo. If the death of our fallen hero, Major Jasper Boro was as a result of our ignorant, then such ignorant must not be recorded in our time.”

“The Ijaws are strongly behind him, the war against Tompolo is a war against humanity, and it’s, therefore, my resolve that Tompolo, should be considered in any genuine peace process or dialogue in Niger Delta. Being a factor to be considered, his genuine passion for the wellbeing of Niger Delta has been felt in every nooks and cranny.”

It would be recalled that general Adowei is the immediate past youth president of Sokebolou community in the Ogulagha Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

Meanwhile, also noted that Adowei is currently undergoing extrajudicial punishment in the creek, stating that the offense in which he was persecuted for, instead of prosecution was that of being a follower of Tompolo whose charges were politically motivated.

Adowei said: “Being off the scene of events is more of advantage, because it gives him a better view of his perceived enemies while on hide out, but that is not to say, he is not affected for being too far from his beloved people who loves him dearly, in essence, the political witch hunt by the federal government has also gravely affected his people.”