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Networking/ Sponsorship
•Chidiebere from Anambra State, needs someone sponsor him, with N 50,000,to enable him set up a business, Afamefuna Chidiebere, acct 3078427063,First Bank. 08139568799
•Promise a graduate, resides in Lagos, into agribusiness, livestock and crop farming, needs a sponsor or to help stock his birds & boost production.08147442331

•Chris N Ehihie wants to link up with his course mates Harry Agonmoh and Augustina A Okonji. 08037483857

Searching Female
•Chi 27, a single mother, needs a God fearing male friend, aged 32-35. 08139676089

Searching Male
•Charles 26, employed and resides in Abuja, needs educated female friends aged 19 and above for a relationship.08035442516

Searching Female
•Peace 32, beautiful and a single mother, needs a comfortable man, aged 40-50, who is ready to settle down for marriage.09081650865
•Teniade 31, fair in complexion, average height, into business and from Osun State, needs a man, for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. 09058905286,09098933722
•Tessy 34, beautiful, busty, caring and humble, needs a caring, tolerant, healthy, and hardworking man, for a relationship, aged 40-70. 08163362225
•A lady 28, fair in complexion, slim, jovial, fun to be with, a Christian, educated,employed, from Edo state but resides in Lagos, needs a man, who is also educated, employed, into business, dark in complexion, open minded and generous, aged 40-45.08157144207

Searching Male
•Frank 30, chocolate in complexion, hairy, average height employed and based in Delta State, Asaba needs a lady,in Asaba aged 20-28,for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.08170096900
•Kelvin 35, employed, handsome, fair in complexion, from Abia State, needs a responsible lady, for a serious affair, aged 25–33. 08066718319
•Emmanuel a graduate, from Imo State, needs a lady, who is honest, and God fearing, for a serious relationship. 08034056458
•Ago 30, employed and resides in PH, needs an employed , busty ,God fearing and light in complexion, lady, for a serious relationship that can lead us to marriage, aged 22- 29. 09053832999, 08069796738
•Adetunji 30, needs a Muslim lady, who is a graduate and ready for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage.07033917981
•Mikael 39, dark in complexion,a graduate and self employed, needs a tall, slim and employed Igbo lady, aged 28-35, in Lagos, for a relationship that can lead to marriage relationship. 07080114023,08034808109
•Dan good looking, a graduate and resides in Abuja, needs a lady who is willing to help him financially, for a relationship. 07068948634
•Tony 30, tall, handsome and resides in Abuja, needs a caring and pretty lady, who can sponsor his post graduate degree for a serious relationship.08179152948
•Michael 33, from East, needs a God fearing Christian lady, aged 18-23,who resides in Lagos, for a serious relationship.08137582623,08189023066 •Daniel 40 employed, HIV positive and resides in Anambra State, needs an HIV Positive lady, aged 30, for marriage.08141119844 •Daniel 19, tall, handsome and resides in Abuja, needs a lady, aged 22-50, who can take care of him. 08179176222, 08064950780
•Paul 32, light in complexion, matured, employed and resides in Delta state, needs an employed lady, for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage.
•Daniel 42, needs a pretty, loving, busty, fair in complexion,romantic and employed lady, nurse or teacher,aged 25-35, for marriage.09086685850 •Raymond 38, employed, Igbo, by tribe but resides in Benin City, needs a humble and God fearing lady, for marriage, aged18-40. 0807798139507083444271,08030508678
•Ben 32, jovial, loving, fair in complexion, athletic built and a graduate, needs a lady, for a relationship, that can lead to marriage. 08039272261
•Chuks 30, needs a God fearing and multinational lady, who resides in Abuja, for serious relationshipwith purpose .08035858616
•Akin 33, employed form Osun state but resides in Lagos, needs a God fearing, gentle, educated, loving, caring and matured Muslim lady, aged 23-27, for marriage.07069596282
•Tony resides in Lagos, needs a lady who also resides in Lagos, for a relationship. 09077088374
•Austin 29, single male lawyer wants a lady who thinks outside the box and wants decent company and adventure for relationship. 07066950802
•Mich 31, needs a rich lady, aged 35-45, for a discrete affair.08032466144

Sugar Cares
Searching Female
•Bennie , 26,a graduate, reside in Lagos, romantic and fun loving needs a nice andb caring sugar daddy btw the ages of 50-70. 08050572880,08168485612

Searching Male
•Prudent 32, from Delta state needs a sexually starved sugar mummy who resides in Delta state for a relationship.07037177183
•Vincent 30,6ft tall, fair in complexion, from Delta state but resides in Ibadan needs a sugar mummy, within Ibadan, Lagos,aged40-45, for a serious relationship. 080221311079
•A man,needs a wealthy, beautiful, sexy and active sugar mummy, aged 45,who is not married and can support him financially.08085254398 •Yusuf 33, tall, slim and handsome, needs a sugar mummy in Lagos. 08116509982,07064772147.



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