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January 18, 2018

YOUR LUCK TODAY:” Should I marry her?

YOUR LUCK TODAY:” Should I marry her?

Should I marry her?

Astrological Counselling

Dear Joshua,

I want you to please tell me the home truth about a lady I have been going out with for the past four years. Suddenly she says if I am not ready to marry her I should be a man enough to let her go so that she will not be frustrated much. I think she loves me but, there are other girls around trying showing green light.

Do not publish our data but be bunt enough to tell me if she is good for me  so that I will know what to do.

Oluwaniyi. Lagos.


Dear Oluwaniyi,

If you will continue to look into directions of so many ladies you may be seen as non-serious minded man. And I think at your age you are not getting younger; meaning that it is important you take the needed decision. Here-under I will analyse both of you (strength and weakness of the relationship and allow you to make your choice, Good luck.

To a lay man this lady will go for just another lady next door and/or an ordinary person. However, even a Beginner-Astrologer/Beginner-Psychic will know that here is a person with rare talents as indicated by both the Sun, the Light and Planetary lined up when she was born.

If she decides to become a Spiritual person she will be great. And if she takes to the academics she can become a Professor either along Scientific studies, Art lines  and other professional callings. The level of her intelligence is phenomenon. Certainly she is a beautiful lady by all standard. A GREAT WRITER and a KIND HEARTED PERSON; although her kindness and generosity can affect her ability to hold on to money, but it is for a while.

Whoever want to marry this lady should know that here is a loyal and sensitive soul that must be taken care of in a special way or else the man would break her to the detriment of everybody. Like every other lady she is jealous and prank-playing in marital relationship will easily break her. This man’s natal Uranus in close conjunction with many of the lady’s in Libra make this relationship almost the perfect union (but as there is no perfect relationship in  the whole world) I will give it 80  percentage pass mark of compatibility. Good relationships between the man’s natal Venus in Gemini to her heavenly bodies in Libra and Aquarius is another big plus, so also the lady’s Venus in Scorpio at a positive angle to the man’s Sun in Cancer meaning that there will always be free flow of true love between them. This relationship is both emotionally and physically compatible.

Freedom and jealousy are the major challenges for these two people. The lady is meant to be extremely prominent either through her Career or social life, if the man try to obstruct this, there would be serious problems capable of breaking things. Although she is open handed money wise, she is very jealous. And there is a great deal of temptation on the part of the man to result to violent (physical assault) if provoked as indicated by his Saturn (control at all cost) on her natal Mars (actions) meaning possible  but avoidable trouble through control usage of powers and actions. Now make your choice.

AQUARIUS; Continue to be more careful about proposals having to do with joint ventures. Yet that is not to say you can not take good advice. Prepare to work harder.


PISCES; You stand good chance to extend recent favourable events  both at work and on matters-of-the-heart. Watch what you sign before 5.36pm.


ARIES; Young-at-heart will be willing to give priority attention to sentimental related issues probably because of your recent success.


TAURUS; Refuse to become mentally arrogant or else you would be working against your own interest. Your love life will continue to enjoy favourable aspects.


GEMINI; Financial success is within your reach, especially if you back your old plans early in the day. The more family minded you are the better for you.


CANCER; It is important you don’t allow others to mislead you in the name of giving you good advice before 5.36pm. Those travelling or moving around in search of love may be in for both an exciting and pleasurable day.


LEO; You will be in better position to consolidate on progress made recently. And it is wrong to take people for granted today……


VIRGO; Many people may be disappointed because of broken promises, therefore you will need to prepare your mind accordingly and refuse to take others for granted


LIBRA; . You can make it a good day as both career advancement and financial success are closer to you. Secret lovers are in for an exciting day.


SCORPIO; Although there will be challenges here is a day when things will eventually go according to your plans. Don’t take friends for granted.

SAGITTARIUS; From now until next few days you will need to be as practical as possible along your career line; this is the wrong time to experiment with new ideas.

CAPRICORN; You may not be in total control of your mind till around 5.36pm. That is to say you will need practical approach in all you do today. Be more co-operative.

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