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Would my fiance cheat like my ex did?

Dear Bunmi,

Seven years ago, I met this dishy man at a party and fell for him. He told me straight away that he was engaged to be married to another woman.

The next year or so, I watched him constantly lie to his fiancee so we could have time together. It was fun and I used to feel wicked getting away with deceiving her.


I am now engaged to be married and I live with my fiance. The problem is that I can’t forget this previous lover’s behaviour and I ask myself if my fiance could be

capable of doing something like that. I haven’t seen any sign of this happening yet,

but my lover’s fiancee too didn’t suspect a thing. Could he be having an affair?

Ngozi by e-maiI.

Dear Ngozi,

Short of hiring a detective to trail him, you might never find out a thing!

Obviously, the guilt of having once colluded with another woman’s fiance seems to be keeping your conscience active.

Maybe you fear retribution which you believe would be your just punishment for the hurt you once caused someone.

You’re worrying yourself unnecessarily of course, but you have to forgive yourself

first. What is past should be dead and buried. Share your worries with friends – you’ll

be amazed how unimportant they would think your sudden attack of conscience is.

Put your past mistakes behind you and look forward to a fulfilling future.



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