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Dancing in the wind

By Chioma Gabriel

It is often said that to stumble twice over the same stone is a proverbial disgrace. Nigeria is on the march again: walking familiar paths, hearing familiar lies and stumbling on the same stone over and over again. We have started seeing familiar faces telling similar lies and as usual, we have started believing the lies, allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by the people who looted our treasury and celebrating them as heroes of democracy.

They have started coming together again and Nigerians are once again singing their praises, massaging their vain egos while they keep battering our psyche.

Can somebody tell me what is functional in Nigeria today? Family life? Power supply? National security? Or what? Siblings are fighting and destroying each other. Imagine how a musical brand like P-Square tore each other apart, jettisoned its super-stardom status to become upcoming with strange names like Rudeboy and Mr P.

And politicians? They have always been the disaster that has befallen Nigeria and the shame of our country. You would have noticed them creeping up on you. Yet, nothing is working. The country has gone comatose in everything.

The minister of Power, Works and Housing and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo have been quoting different megawatts of power generated and distributed. Nigerians are listening to different voices and hearing different things on the same matter.

And that is by the way.

Now, I cannot speak for other cities but if you are living in Lagos, simply look around and see what is happening. Mountains of refuse have taken over Lagos and it is everywhere, in major streets: from Mushin to Isolo; to Apapa and wherever you pass in Lagos mainland.

And lets not talk about the traffic. The story of tankers and containers are depressing enough. What is the explanation of the Lagos State Government for the mountains of refuse in major streets of Lagos? Has LAWMA been abolished?

Nigerian politicians are getting set to woo the people with the same old lies and many will fall for their tricks and when the problems continue, they will begin to lament. We should look back to the past years and use our tongues to count our teeth. We should get serious to avoid making the same mistakes of allowing the selfish ambition of politicians continues. We know how they speak. They say one thing and mean the other. They promise one thing and deny making the promise when they get what they want. They make the people look like fools and abuse them from their high horses when they eventually get into power. They protect the lives of their children while they destroy that of the citizenry.

Nothing is working. The security situation is appalling and has slidded to the lowest level. People openly boast of the evil they can do. Strangers from hell are pushing to colonize us and our leaders are giving them leeway, accommodating them and making patronizing political statements.

Perhaps, you have heard of the working committee of nine governors, presided over by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as chair, to resolve herdsmen/farmers clashes in the country. The committee, they told us, will collaborate with the Federal Government in addressing the issues of impunity regarding the killing and violence. The committee, composed of nine governors, under the chairmanship of the Vice President, would work in accordance with the commitment to ensuring that all perpetrators of violence are brought to book.

All these are governors requiring another term in office.

The politicians who have ruined us and destroyed things are scheming to come back in 2019 and would likely win because we never learn from history and those who are benefiting from the evil besieging the society are hailing them.

Nigerians have been given all manner of explanations about rampaging Fulani herdsmen. We have been given lectures on different classes of Fulani and we are awed by it all. The troubling thing is that, on individual levels, we relate well with our Fulani friends but when things like herdsmen menace happen and you hear the opinion of your friend, it’s as if you don’t know him again. The opinions of some leaders of the north on the issue of herdsmen will shock you and you will wonder if their allegiance is to Nigeria or to some group outside Nigeria.

I hope we know what is going on.

Sultan of Sokoto, Saad Abubakar, has admitted being a patron of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, but he explained that the group had no control over the Fulani herdsmen, whom he said were preoccupied with their animals in the bush. He challenged the security agencies and their inability to stop the attacks and killings by herdsmen.

The truth is that, many things have been said but we don’t know who or what to believe.

Indeed, we should get serious as a country and do something to stop the killings.

And like I always ask, where are the security agencies that crushed Biafran uprising and declared IPOB a terrorist organization? We need a stronger measure to be meted to the herdsmen.

Nous parlons trop de grammaire à ce sujet (We are speaking too much grammar on this matter)


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