By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

Evil always lives with people. It does not run away, but it can be cast away. There is a saying that a pregnant woman is considered not after she had given birth to her baby but after she had also given birth to the placenta. The placenta is usually portrayed as both evil and good.

•Pastor Daramola

After the baby is delivered, the placenta must be separated from the baby by someone. A woman confessed to me sometime ago that she winked at the polythene bag containing the placenta of her grand-child and silently decreed that the child would be a problematic child.

She explained that her son and the wife, who are parents of the baby, prevented her from seeing the child because they accused her of being devilish. For that reason, she decided to cast a spell of problems over the life of the born baby. The child, she further explained, grew up to become an imbecile.

This implies that evil resides with human beings. It cannot be expunged from human existence, because the world world is composed of both good and evil. Even the Bible says in Ephesian 5:16 “redeeming the time, because the days are evil”

The world is full of calamities and disasters. A happy family of five went to the farm to get some maize one rainy day. Thunder struck, a tree fell and killed the head of family and two children. Each time the wife talks about the unfortunate incident, she always say evil came into her home and destroyed a happy home. It is my fervent prayer that evil will not befall any of my church members and readers IJN.

Brethren, wherever goodness exists, there also exist evil. A day comes when the cold hand of death will snatch away a husband from wife and their children and vice versa. Such is an evil death; and everyone will encounter it one day. Everybody will encounter this evil day. Whenever people are hungry, sick, feel pains or go through whatever brings unpleasant situation, such a situation is evil.

People desire good things of life but a day will come when these things will bring about evil on their on their users or owners e.g. cars and aircraft.

A pregnant woman that is about to deliver will realise that the day of delivery is perilous day. Evil hangs over peoples’ lives, nobody cast it away except the Almighty God. However, there are things people can do to suppress evil or make it inactive. The first thing you must do is to refuse to recognise and regard the potency of evil over you.

Two, you must be able to exercise authority over the situation, armed with words of authority. Somebody told me that he always sees masquerades in his dreams. Whenever he had such dreams, the man explained, all his good expectations or possession were destroyed. I told him that his initial mistake was that he had recognized the masquerade and accepted it as a bad omen. His negative pronouncement also reinforced the power of the evil in his life.

Then I told him that whenever he had such dreams, he should wake up and decree positive pronouncements that disregard and condemn the masquerade as nothing and of no consequence. By so doing, he had used the authority in his mouth to suppress the evil.

Some people say they had sexual intercourse in a dream. And they become worried, disturbed and troubled rather than render the dream of no consequence, with the authority in the word of mouth. Brethren, evil will not cease to come but when it comes, what is required is the word of God, to nullify its intended mission. If you ate food in your dream, wake up and thank God, the people that brought the food will realize that you have condemned the food by your positive pronouncement. When things are not working the way you expected, you are not supposed to accept it as your fate.

The proper reaction should be to condemn it and command the evil attached to it to become of no effect. The fact remains that there is authority in the tongue and whatever one says becomes authorised. The day of evil came to Abraham when God told him to sacrifice his son as a burnt offering to God.

Abraham was able to change the bad situation when he told his son that God would provide the lamb for the sacrifice, when the young Isaac inquired about the sacrificial lamb.

What was expected of Abraham was to tell his son that he was the lamb for the sacrifice. But he used the authority in his mouth to tell his son that God would provide the lamb. Genesis 22:7-14: “Isaac spoke up and said to his father Abraham, “Father?” “Yes, my son Abraham replied. “the fire and wood are here, Isaac said, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering” Abraham answered, “God Himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering my son”

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