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The benefits of cooking together, eating together at Christmas

The saying that, the family that eats together stays together, is an expression that has become burdensome to families. Meanwhile, the burden in this part of the world is more as families hardly eat together because of the hustling and bustling people go through.

It may be easier or rather possible in villages for families to eat together every night because they go through less stress than those in the cities, but it is still not practiced as expected.

Findings of a research available to Homemakers show that more than 50% of families confessed that they never sat together to eat while 40% had the experience when they just got married but, after a few months of hustling and bustling, it became a burden. The remaining 10% claimed they did it on special occasions.

Fathers and teenage children are worst hit when you talk about missing meal times. Many men come home late because they hang out with friends in the club house. Children, too, especially teenagers, who are used to picking foods order than what their parents prefer to eat, are most times absent on the table where eating together as a family is practised.

According to the study, families still wished they sat together, especially for dinner, more regularly because the advantage is unquantifiable.

In the Western world, it is encouraging though to see that families still make efforts to get together on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. Here, many families, most of the time, cook together but the most important aspect of eating together as families is left out during festive periods.

This Christmas is a huge opportunity for families to consciously plan their meals, cook together and sit together to enjoy the meals.

Lots of things that you may not be able to see in your children, as Homemakers, is easily seen and it gives room for necessary correction and adjustment, especially table manners.

There are also discussions that come up when eating together that may advance the cause of the family that may never come up ordinarily.

Eating together brings the spirit of oneness and it is also a time to release stresses the families have accumulated over time.

Ahead of Christmas, there is opportunity for families to shop together because it falls on the day immediately after weekend. Plan to do all the shopping, cooking, and dinning together to enter the New Year in oneness of heart as a family.

It is one day of the year when, in most cases, you can be sure that nothing else can get in the way. So put away your phones and laptops, help out whoever is doing the cooking and enjoy each other’s company while you take stock of what has come to pass for your family this year.


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