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Stakers Brings into Being Progressive Web App

The iGaming company brings into being a completely new web app for its mobile version of the site. Accessible on-the-spot with no lag time, the application pushes through the updates of betting odds and sport data disregarding of the possible unstable network connection. This web application has proven to be as robust as in-built app and demands no download.

Worldwide trends proves that the significance of mobile communications is undoubtedly rising. The research by OC&C Strategy Consultants confirms that approximately 49% of e-commerce operations were made with a smartphone in 2016 and these figures will increase and comprise more than 80% by the end of 2019.

“We are quite aware of continuous increase in the number of smartphones, for this reason I am delighted to announce the new technology build in house by excellent developer team of Thanks to the user-friendly new features, the new app will serve as a reliable companion for our customers and guide them through their whole sports betting adventure from the moment they place a bet until they withdraw the winnings by their preferable payout method”, stated Michael Schmidt, who is current business development manager

As the industry of mobile communications is growing, web users are also less tolerant of any delay. In the primetime, the amount of actively processed events estimates up to 300 with up to 1,400 odds per event. In sport events odd changes occur every 10 seconds, such scope of transferred data should be transmitted in a completely new way to provide its users with instant updates on the events with just a few clicks on a smartphone, specifically when it comes to the older devices.

“One should abandon relying on the same old tools we used in the pre-mobile era, because smartphones have dramatically changed the very nature of how we interact with the internet,” said Michael Schmidt. “Stakers’ highly proficient team is working to remove any hurdles deteriorating our customer’s betting experience”, added Schmidt. With mobile application score updates are delivered in less time than on TV broadcast. While Live TV Broadcast has approximately 10 seconds delay, Stakers web app forces relevant odds in a matter of milliseconds, providing its users with a transcendent experience. Stakers’ app makes it possible not to follow all the events a player is betting on, since now the match is fully tracked in the web application.

The application delivers to the user the all-new features of real time insights into the past events, live event statistics along with line-ups. Another newly introduced feature enables the option of tracking the ongoing events.

The new Stakers web mobile application is supported by iOS and Android devices, compatible with the most popular browsers on both platforms. “Our new mobile PWA is available on all mobile devices and tablets with Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera installed”, Schmidt said. “Our proprietary compression algorithm changes the game having the application fully stable even on the slowest networks”.

In order to keep the customers involved and sharpen their betting experience, introduced some noteworthy products including financial betting, casino, live casino and more. PWA has been firstly introduced for financial betting at and this fact is estimated as a real breakthrough, since this kind of bets must be placed in a prompt manner. The idea of the Progressive Apps stems from Google to advance the mobile web. PWA’s reduce friction by using the web to deliver app-level experience. is the first in the iGaming industry to introduce to its customers finished progressive mobile web application. is licensed in Malta and regulated by the Maltese Gaming Authority. License number MGA/CL2/1306/2017.


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