Ayo Onikoyi

One of the youngest producers in Nollywood, 21-year old Ify Adibeli, has come a long way from that naive 16-year old  actress who earned paltry five thousand naira in her first movie to being one of the most enterprising producers in Nollywood. At 21, she has produced six films. But the snag in the story of the girl who was once known as the ‘hottest virgin in Nollywood’ is that people are seeing her as one who’s obsessed with sex.

Reason? Most of the movies, either long or short films produced by the petite stunning beauty, have sex as the underlining theme. Most culpable are My Uncle, My Lover, Pregnant Nun  and others. Pregnant Nun in particular reeks of sex from beginning to the end, despite the setting being shot in a convent.

“ It is not true that I ‘m obsessed with sex. Yes, I have produced a couple of sensual films with sex in the plot but that doesn’t mean I am obsessed with sex because I am not,” she said when quizzed over the knack for producing sex-themed movies.

“Before going into movie production, I studied the market very well and found out that most people that watch movies are interested in two things mostly: comedy and sex. So, as a businesswoman, I must produce films that appeal to the tastes of these people. I can’t produce a film and end up losing money. I must give people what they want and what people want from my own research is sex and comedy,” she added.

In her interview with Potpourri two years ago, Ify said she wasn’t ready to play romantic roles because it would get on the wrong side of her father.

“My dad will be angry and might send me packing. Maybe the whole neighborhood will have to beg on my behalf. I know I can’t escape it, but I am not ready yet,” she said.

But the story has since changed  and she told us in plain words.

“I’m 21 now. And as an actress, I should be able to take all roles. I think I can take a sensual role, but I will be the producer,” she joked.


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